Prayers needed

I belong to several Yahoo! groups...mainly military spouse groups and scrapbooking groups. Those of you near Fort Bragg may have already heard of a soldier passing away due to heat stroke this past week. He was the husband of one of the girls on one of my groups. He's a West Point grad as well and graduated (I believe) with my brother-in-law. He leaves behind his wife and their infant son.

It's all so sad. If anyone is interested in contributing to the memorial fund that is set up for their son or to comfort quilts being made for his wife, his son, and his mother...please post in the comments section and I'll get you that information.


How much sleep does a person REALLY need?

Obviously not much seeing as how I am still alive and functioning. Since Little Man was born, there have only been a handful of nights in which I have been able to rack up 4 or more CONSECUTIVE hours of sleep. It doesn't matter if I go to bed immediately after he goes down or if I wait until midnight to go to bed. In under 4 hours, he WILL wake up. Last night was not THE worst night but it ranks in the top 5. We had thunderstorms roll through last night. We've put a fan in the kids' room to help mitigate some of the noise that comes from living a.) on a busy street and b.) in a house with tile floors. The fan managed to drown out the thunder until RIGHT after I had dosed off. Then *CRACK*...a flash of lightning, a boom of thunder, and Princess Trouble is screaming for us (ok - for me) from her bed. Of course her screaming then wakes Little Man up. Can I tell you how PAINFUL it is to try to haul your body (which is already incredibly sleep deprived) out of bed less than 5 minutes after you've fallen asleep? I almost didn't make it. Once I got Princess Trouble settled in our bed and fed Little Man (who seems to think that midnight is a good time to play...not sure WHERE he got that silly idea), there was no room for me in my bed. Rather than disturb the Princess and The Husband when I *knew* I was going to be once again (or 4 or 5 times) hauling my poor body back out of bed before sunrise, I decided that sleeping in Princess Trouble's bed would be a reasonable idea. Ugh. I"m not sure if I would have been better off fighting for space in my own bed or sleeping in hers. At least in hers, I was closer to Little Man and could get to him before he woke the rest of the house up.

Needless to say, I didn't even come close to 4 consecutive hours. Heck I'm not sure I came close to 2. I keep waiting (and secretly hoping) that my body will protest the lack of sleep in a manner that confines me TO my bed for a week or so. At this point, I think I would put up with the flu if it meant that I could get some SLEEP.

And don't tell me to sleep during the day when the kids sleep - anyone who knows my kids knows that they do NOT nap at the same time. I've already thought of that idea and it just isn't possible. Besides, I sleep horribly enough at night - I'd make it worse by taking a nap. I am just not a "nap during the day" type of person unless I'm sick. Which brings me back to secretly hoping I will fall mildly ill. A girl can dream, right?


Her first library card!

The other day, Wen and I took Princess Trouble to the library on post for "Story Time" and while we were there, she got her first library card! I was so excited for her! I can remember getting my first library card - at the Buena Vista Library. I remember exactly what it looked like (the kids' cards were yellow), holding the pen to sign my name (and my dad telling me I was holding the pen too tight), how the library smelled, everything. That library is gone now and there is a new, state-of-the-art facility that, while newer and better, will never replace the original. *sigh*

Anyway, I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that my baby girl is old enough to have a library card. Granted, it's a family card but still, she can now choose books to check out. We will go each Thursday (or Saturday, depending on how the week goes) and pick out 3 books for the week. This week, she chose a Winnie the Pooh book, a Curious George book (one of my favorites!), and Wen chose "Julius, Baby of the World" (which we read last night and both of us thoroughly enjoyed). Princess Trouble sat still during story time and had fun making her "Library Necklace" with her name on it so the people who run story time will know who she is. It hangs on the bulletin board with the library card. Little Man got one too but all he wants to do with his is eat it. Go figure.

I am SO looking forward to fall. Princess Trouble will be going to Preschool 3 days a week - MWF. The playgroup I am starting up will meet Tuesday mornings and either Thursday or Saturday we will go to the library. I love routines - can you tell? Must be the OCD side of my nature. But Princess Trouble thrives on them as well. She's already excited about school and asks each day if it is time yet. I hope she has as much fun this year as she did last year. Her teacher was wonderful last year and did so well with the kids.

I can't wait to get out the fall decorations and start dressing up for the holiday season (which lasts from Labor Day through New Year at our house!). I can't wait to wear my sweaters again - they have been in hibernation (or on vacation I suppose) since we left Alaska. I can't wait to use my fall-scented candles! Or bake pumpkin bread. I love fall!

I am also excited to start school again, even though I will be studying on-line. I heard from the University today and they are just waiting on transcripts from 2 more of my colleges and then they will process my application and figure out what to do with me. Not to mention, offer me whatever financial aid I may be eligible for. I need to get on the scholarship applications. I'm going to have to figure out when my dedicated study time will be. There is a learning center on post (and the library) that I plan to go to for a lot of my study time. If I try to study at home, I'll wind up doing so while holding Little Man and tying Princess Trouble's shoes or getting her a snack.

Ok - I'm rambling so I will wrap this burrito up. I'm in a much better mood today and I don't know why...I got 6 hours of sleep last night but only 3 were consecutive. Hmm...I'll take it though!


I found the key to a successful trip to the Commissary!!! Today is Friday. It's payday. And I had BOTH children with me. Perfect ingredients for a migraine. We got there about 8:30am (give or take...we never make it out the door on time these days...) and it was virtually EMPTY!!! There was only 1 incident of me muttering under my breath and it was due to one of the Commissary employees parking her cart sideways in the aisle. I very kindly asked her to move it and she did. My blood pressure stayed within normal range and I didn't even clench my teeth :) All in all, a VERY successful experience!

And, not only was it a good outing, I got all but 3 things on my list. Seems they do a big restock Thursday nights and the shelves were full! Princess Trouble got her Shrek Go-Gurts, Little Man slept (another bonus to going during early bird hours - it's his morning nap time!), and I got out of there for under $100. Works for me!

Looks like a boring weekend which is ok with me. I was hoping to be able to go to Atlanta for a bit of a break but The Husband was wrong in his belief that he would have today off. Atlanta is a 4-5 hour drive and I just can't see going on a 2 day weekend. So I'll just have to wait. I'll get a break one of these days. 48 hours to do nothing if I so choose. I can find a Barnes and Noble, buy a Chai tea, grab a pile of books and sit down and read to my heart's content until my eyes can't take anymore. 48 hours to have a thought that is my own. I could sleep in. Hell, I could get more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. I could take a shower that lasted longer than 4 minutes and possibly shave BOTH legs in the same shower. What a NOVEL concept. A girl can dream, can't she?

Getting back to reality, just another piddler of a weekend. I'm hoping to finish up the border in the dining room and go through the kids' old clothes and get those ready to take to the Thrift Store on post. It's a consignment store so the extra cash will be nice - not sure if I"ll put it back into the "Clothing Fund" or put it elsewhere (there is also "Car Repairs", "Summer Fun", and "Food"...we also need to start a "Household Needs" fund for things like a bench for the front porch and a lawn mower). With the amount of clothing that I have, it should bring in a decent amount of pocket money. And I need to vacuum out the car - a few too many Cheerios and other kid debris in the car. I'm telling you, I lead and EXCITING life!

I'm off to color with Princess Trouble now. Have a great weekend!


Milky Way Minis and wonderful friends

I have wonderful friends. Which gives me hope that, when The Husband DOES head over to play Army in the Litter Box, I will survive. I just wrapped up a wonderful visit with an incredible friend. She loves my kids as much as I do (even the Barf Bomb)...sometimes more I think (I'm kidding...sort of) and she lvoes me even more. I am truly blessed to have friends like her.

I have to go to the Commissary tomorrow. Tomorrow is payday as well. AND I have to take the children. GOD HELP ME!!! If any of you are the praying types, NOW would be a good time to offer one up for me. Those of you who are not, just keep some bail money handy.

I am going during the early bird hours. One hour before the store opens for regular hours, they allow shoppers to come in and pick up 15 items or less. It's not a hard and fast rule - just that those with 15 items or less get to go ahead of those with more. I had to pop in the other day (we were out of Pull Ups and toilet paper...truly an emergency of ugly proportions) and did so during this hour. The aisles were essentially empty aside from the hurried soldier in BDUs and the occasional senior citizen. I can handle that. I'm planning to get there about 30 minutes before regular shopping hours begin in the hopes that I can get through my list and get in line before the throngs arrive. Ah, but the best laid plans of mice and men...well, you know the rest. And then there is the old saying about good intentions making pavement in certain places. We'll see. If nothing else, I'll buy myself some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and eat those as I trudge my way through. Chocolate makes everything better.

Speaking of chocolate, I received the most wonderful package in the mail today. I have this affinity for Milky Way Darks/Milky Way Midnights. NOT the big candy bar though - I like the minis. Three or four of those and my chocolate beast is satisfied for a good while. Can't find the suckers ANYWHERE. I did find them in a Target in New Orleans (YES, I drove to New Orleans to go to Target...and Mervyn's...sad, I know...but I HAD company!) but couldn't find them anywhere else. I posted on this discussion board I frequent a while back and my wonderfully thoughtful friend in Colorado found them and dropped 2 whole bags in the mail to me. When I opened the package today, I almost cried. It's been an exhausting week/month/year and just the sheer unexpected kindness of it was almost too much. I'm sure my friend who was visiting thought I was nuts. Actually, she's known me for 16+ years, she KNOWS I'm nuts. Thank you Annie. Thank you. Greycat74, you too.

Like I said, I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful friends (and family too for that matter). Truly blessed. I'm off to have a few Milky Ways now. Yum.


Michael Moore makes me sick

He finally got the guts up to venture on to "The O'Reilly Factor" with Bill O'Reilly this evening on FoxNews. Now, Bill drives me nuts too - he's pushy, rude, arrogant, and NEVER lets his guest complete a sentence...kind of like Rush Limbaugh but without the drugs...but Moore infuriates me.

I thought about actually sitting down to watch the interview but it's been a LONG day and I knew my poor brain (nor my blood pressure) couldn't handle it. So I read the transcript instead. Glad I did because, from what I understand from those who did watch, it was a scream-fest which I cannot stand.

Moore's big assertion is that President Bush "lied" to the American public about weapons of mass destruction and the true motivations for going to war with Iraq. O'Reilly's assertion is that President Bush didn't lie, he acted on faulty intelligence. I'm inclined to side with Bill on this one. However, I do firmly believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq until just before OIF began. Hell, we gave him 2 WEEKS heads' up! My GRANDMOTHER and her WALKER could have ferried NBCs (nuclear, biological, chemical weapons) out of Iraq in that amount of time! Surely the Iraqi army and Saddam's special police could dismantle their weapons program and stash it say, in SYRIA! C'mon people - it's not freaking rocket science! If *I* can figure this out, why can't everyone else? Good grief.

Getting back to the "faulty intelligence"...I don't really think it was faulty. I think we spent too much time on our knees in front of the UN begging for permission. I think, at the time the CIA told President Bush that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, there probably were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But because we spent so much time prostrate on the floor of the UN, by the time we fianlly got our ducks in a row and got over there, they were gone. CIA's fault? Maybe. But I think our desire to get everyone on board a boat that should have sailed say 12 years ago when the FIRST UN resolution was violated got in the way of us getting there in time to prove that intelligence RIGHT. And, to put the cherry on top, now the Syrians have those weapons. Oh joy. I know *I'm* sleeping more soundly at night thank-you-very-much.

If you REALLY want to start pointing fingers (which I must say I am absolutely sick and tired of), you'll have to go back to Carter's administration when we began to rely too heavily on technology than on human intelligence within the intelligence community. We cut the budgets of the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies until they were merely shells of what they used to be. "Do less with more"...it didn't work in the education sector, why would we think it would work in the intelligence sector? Duh. For decades, we've been shortchanging ourselves in this area and it finally came back to bite us in the tender parts on September 11. Both democratic and republican administrations are guilty of this. Finger pointing does no one any good. I'm all for learning our history in order to avoid repeating it in the future but let's not dwell on it so much that we can't take care of the job at hand.

Moore's other harping point was "Would you sacrifice your child (to remove the Taliban, to secure Fallujah, etc.)?" Um, last I checked it was The Husband's signature on the dotted line, NOT his parents. No one's PARENTS signed them up to the Armed Forces. This is a VOLUNTEER MILITARY. These people CHOSE to be in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Coast Guard. Granted, it didn't OCCUR to some of them that they may have to go to WAR at some point ("but I just joined for the free college") but they CHOSE to join. Moore doesn't get that. Dumbass.

All in all, the interview simply reaffirmed my belief that Michael Moore is exactly what I thought he was - a hateful, narrow minded, blowhard who hates this country and all that it stands for. Maybe France would like him.


This is possibly the funniest thing I have seen

all week. Possibly all year. Warning : there is some foul language in this cartoon and you need speakers or a headset attached to your computer to hear it.



I must have missed this...

part of the Constitution. I have refrained from blogging my political thoughts until now but with the election crap heating up, I just can't keep my mouth shut any longer.

John Kerry delivered the Democratic radio address today and part of what he had to say was this :

"We value good-paying jobs that actually let American workers get ahead. We value affordable health care that is a right, not a privilege, for every American. We value an America that is free and independent of Mideast oil. And we value a strong military and strong alliances, so that America never has to go to war because it wants to, but only because we have to."

Ok, I'm all for good-paying jobs for Americans but NOT if the wages for those jobs are inflated and cause the cost of the widget being produced to be 10 times what it would be if it were produced by someone NOT backed by the AFL-CIO. I'm also a fan of the idea of being free and independent of Mideast oil but, given the fact that Congress has voted against drilling in ANWR, it seems to me that this is a pipe dream at best right now.

But my BIGGEST gripe with Kerry's stance is this - HEALTH CARE, WHETHER AFFORDABLE OR NOT IS *NOT* A RIGHT. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it say that Americans are afforded the RIGHT to health care. NOWHERE. Nor do I want it to. Would I like to see affordable health care that is available to all Americans? Yes. Do I belive it is my RIGHT to such health care (or ANY health care, for that matter)? NO! NO NO NO. You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You have the right to remain silent, to have an attorney present during questioning. BUT THAT'S IT. We do NOT live in a socialistic society which Mr. Kerry seems to think we do. NO - this is a capitalistic society. Socialism is over in Europe or, if you don't want to fly, in Canada. But America is a capitalistic society and I'm sick and tired of people trying to turn it into a socialistic one. If I want to contribute to the cause of affordable health care, I will make a donation. But I'll be damned if our tax money, money that my husband earns by putting his life on the line, goes to pay for health care for people who, for whatever reason, cannot afford it themselves. That's why we have CHARITIES. Our government is NOT a charity and our tax dollars are NOT donations. I really wish the Democratic leadership could get that part straight.

I'm done ranting now. That one has been building for a while. I feel better now.



Another ramble

I took the rugrats to a playgroup here on post today. Quite disappointing. The one at Rucker (at least until ACS aka Army Community Services decided to get their hands on it and turn it into something we didn't want it to be) was good - a nice large room, lots of good toys (and multiples so parallel play was possible and sharing wasn't such a necessity), and very little structured time. Basically it was designed for adult interaction but you didn't have to pay for child care.

The one we went to today was...well, lacking. The building it was in should have been razed - it smelled of water damage and cigarette smoke. YUCK. Dark and dingy. There were very few toys there too. Supposedly the playgroup usually meets in a different location but during the summer they lose their facility so they had to use this place. Hopefully the other facility is better. Princess Trouble was the oldest one there. The second oldest child was 20 months - a good year younger than Princess Trouble. We discussed the "Rule" before we went in - "no taking toys out of people's hands". She did pretty well but she's two and a half and sometimes forgot. I could HEAR the eyebrows being raised by other parents. Give them 6 months, they'll be where I am now. Personally speaking, I thought she did QUITE well - better than usual actually. ALl of the parents were sitting in chairs in a circle when we walked in. I'm not a big fan of chairs in a setting like that, especially with Little Man who is *this* close to crawling - he wants to be down on the floor. So we plopped down on the edge of the circle and joined the fun. By the end of the hour, there were 4 or 5 other moms camped out on the floor as well. All in all, I wasn't impressed. Which is disappointing, given the size of this installation. I expected more.

Just goes to show you that size is not always a reliable indicator of performance...

I had to venture back to the commissary this evening. We were out of formula and milk - two things this household cannot function without. I assumed we would be relatively safe since Evil Granny seems to be somewhere out on the East Coast. I think she's probably one of the organizers for the Democratic National Convention so she is probably in Boston right now. Not a bad outing. I was really brave and took Princess Trouble with me. That lack of sleep is blurring that fine line between bravery and stupidity...She was hell-bent on locating the "Shrek Go-Gurts" that she had seen in a coupon advertisement. Of course the dairy section is at the end of our path through the commissary so every aisle we went down, all I hear is "Where's Shrek?" But we found some and that was her dessert. Who knew that cherry yogurt was such a wonderful dessert? Go figure.

I have decided to take some classes this fall - as if I don't have enough on my plate as it is. But I need several more classes to secure my clear Health Education credential so there's no time like the present. Now that I have applied, I need to figure out how to pay for these classes. I could sell a kidney...nah, can't handle needles. So I'm scouring the web for scholarships. I'd love to get my hands on a piece of that "$1.2 BILLION in un-awarded financial aid" that you always hear about. My goal is to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books with scholarship money. I'm only taking 6 credits per term (just enough to defer the student loans I already have...) so we're not talking a TON of money. It's weird to think of myself as a college student again. Wonder if I could justify buying school clothes?? hehe They are on-line classes...

Time for bed. My children have decided that I am not allowed 4 or more consecutive hours of sleep so I need to get in my 3 hours and 59 minutes now.

' night!


Good news about Cameron!

Not only has he pooped but his father should have already arrived home and met him!!! AND, not only is he now stateside, he is home on R&R for TWO WEEKS! This is a big deal - usually, in the case of family emergencies, a soldier will go home during the immediate part of the emergency but will have to return to duty pretty soon thereafter. It looks like Cameron's father's command managed to get his emergency leave and R&R to coincide. Wonderful news. Thank you all so much for praying for him and his family. Keep them coming and hopefully the news will continue to be good.


Prayers for Cameron

A friend of mine has a little baby boy, Cameron. Seems a few days ago he herniated part of his intestine. Thanks to the quick thinking and expertise of a doctor named Chris, emergency surgery was avoided (this is after he was Lifeflighted to Boston's Children's hospital) and he did not lose any of his intestine or his testicle. However, he is still having some trouble and has been back to the hospital again because they thought there might be some kind of blockage. There doesn't appear to be but he is still scheduled for surgery to fix the hernia in a few weeks. He's only 4 or 5 weeks old. Daddy is deployed in Iraq (although they are flying him back to the states to be with his family during this crisis) and has not met his son yet. His mom, Karen, is an amazing woman. Deployments suck to begin with. Not only is she dealing with a deployment, she also went through the bulk of her pregnancy alone as well as the delivery. Her strength is amazing and I am in awe.

If you could simply stop for a moment right now and (if it is your inclination) offer up a short prayer for Cameron, for his mother, and his father...I'd really apprecaite it.

I pray that his father makes it back safely and is able to stay with his family for the surgery. I pray that Cameron has no more scares and doesn't have to go back to the hospital until his surgery. I pray that the doctors and nurses are skilled and nurturing. And lastly I pray that his mother would continue to find strength in the prayers of others. She is an amazing woman and should I ever have to face such an awful situation, I can only hope I have 1/2 as much grace as she.

Thank you.


Always an adventure

Once again, the time had come for me to go to the commissary. I tell you, if it weren't for the fact that I *easily* save 30% on my groceries by shopping there, I'd say the hell with it and go to Wal-Mart or Kroger. But tax on food in this BRAIN TRUST state is 8% (9.5% on non-food items...they don't have an income tax but they'll tax the single unemployed mom with 4 kids and no money on milk and diapers...smart, really smart...but I digress) so I suck it up and go. I think, after today's adventure, I'll try to go every OTHER week and not every week.

The Husband says I should write a book. I think he secretly enjoys my trips to the commissary just so he can listen to me rant when I get home. Sadist.

I decided to try Sunday while church was in session. We are in between churches at the moment. The one we were going to and thought would be a good one for us just didn't work out. So we didn't go this weekend. I figured most people would be in church this morning so it would be a mellow time to go. Nope. Seems that all the other pagans were there too. Great. I have Little Man with me (he's easy to bring along...it's Princess Trouble that gives me migraines at the commissary) and I'm schlepping him to the entrance to get a cart. Ahead of me is a family (mom, dad, and THREE babies under the age of 3!) trying to get a cart too. The first cart they tried was hung up on the one behind it (I HATE those seatbelts they have in the carts now). Then the next one was a small one - too small for them. Not quite sure why the commissary has two different sizes of carts but I'm sure there is an AR (Army regulation) behind it somewhere. They finally get a cart that they like and move on. Meanwhile, my hand has fallen asleep because the blood has stopped flowing to it because I've been holding Little Man's car seat on my arm for what feels like an eternity. I go to take the next available cart and this b*tch (and she was - she had NO redeeming qualities) snatches it out of my hand and walks off in a huff. I suppose she was tired of waiting her turn and decided that the mom holding her son's car seat could wait a moment longer so SHE could get her shopping done more quickly. Had I not been so stunned by her rudeness and audacity, I would have decked her. It's a damn good thing I don't carry a gun.

Things were going pretty well until I got to the freezer section. I'm not sure WHY the commissary people insist on lining racks up in the middle of the freezer section aisles - where you have to open DOORS to get things out, thereby blocking the entire aisle - but they do. Add to that a Tennessee Vols fan - decked out in Hunter Safety Orange Vols gear (so you don't miss him...as if it's hard to miss someone who insists on parking his cart DIAGONALLY in the aisle and then spending 5 minutes contemplating salted vs. unsalted mixed nuts) who drove his cart like I suspect he drives his car. He had no awareness of anyone else around him.


He probably wonders what the purpose of the mirrors and turn signals on his vehicle are for too. Idiot. And it was just my luck to be stuck behind him. Constantly. I once made the mistake of praying for God to teach me patience. He is - every single time I go to the commissary. I could not get away from this moron to SAVE MY LIFE. And he was always in front of me. I'd skip aisles...he'd be there in front of me. I'd double back to pick something up, there he was. He was my albatross. An albatross decked out in Hunter Safety Orange. God help me. At one point, he walked out in to the middle of traffic in the aisle that runs along the back of the store by the meat section and STOPPED. And stood there for a few minutes rearranging his cart. He held up traffic in THREE different directions. I didn't know that there were people on this planet who are truly that dumb. Oh, and did I mention that he had his equally clueless wife AND HIS FATHER IN A MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR with him? And they INSISTED on walking down the aisle side by side. Not enough chlorine in that gene pool. Again, a good thing I don't carry a gun - that Hunter Safety Orange sure would have made it easy to hit him.

I finally managed to shake genius in the orange and had to head back to produce to grab a red pepper. Seems that many other people were going that direction too. Fine. I get in the line that is headed that way and as I'm waiting, this little old lady bumps me in the hip as she's coming out of an aisle. Do people NOT understand that aisles are like roads with stop signs? You wait until there is no on-coming traffic before you pull out. It really isn't that difficult of a concept to grasp. I just kind of glanced over at her and left it at that.

Until she hit me again.

At that point, I looked at her and said (once again, in the Teacher Voice), "Excuse you!" and she looked at me and said, "Back up - I need to go that way." Huh? She seriously wanted me to back up and let her in line AFTER she hit me...TWICE. ON PURPOSE. Um, NO. Not only NO...HELL NO. She says, "I'm old - you need to let me go ahead of you." (Kris - I swear she was the same one you dealt with the other day). Keep in mind, there was no one behind me. She could have very well waited for me to get past her and simply walked behind me. It wasn't like there were 15 people behind me waiting to head to the produce section. I told her she could kiss my butt - I am a parent with a child and she had just hit me...not once but TWICE with her cart and she could get her skinny old butt in line behind me. She didn't like that much. I didn't care. Until she ran her cart up on my heels. At that point, I stopped being civil (and yes, I WAS being civil - she had already hit me twice). Once again, using my Teacher Voice, I told her if she touched me again with her cart I would see to it that she was arrested and charged with assault and battery. Boy - words like that (in a loud voice) sure do quiet down a crowd quickly. The entire meat section stopped moving and no one made a sound. I then lowered my voice and said, "Have a nice day" and turned to go to the checkout. The red pepper can wait.

Yeah, I think I'll see about hitting the commissary every OTHER week from now on. Gotta let these bruises heal.


A ramble

Sorry to have taken so long to post again - this week has been miserable. Little Man is teething and has decided that I only need 3 hours of sleep per night. He also has this knack of waking up from HIS nap right as I'm getting my daughter down for hers so I don't get much time to myself to catch my breath. Ah, well. It's getting a LITTLE better (thank goodness for Motrin and Tylenol...) especially since the in-laws are in town and can watch them while I at least take a shower.

Aside from sleep deprivation, this week was busy. The Husband had duty Sunday (24 hours of answering phones, giving out information, helping people who are just coming into the Batallion, dealing with after-hours issues, etc.) so it was me and the kids Sunday. Monday he spent recouperating and sleeping (must be nice...) so I took the kids and registered Miss Princess at preschool. I'm STILL waiting to hear about preschool ON post (seems they can't get their ducks in a row and get the waiting list people called...makes me wonder if they can get their ducks in a row and help my daughter learn anything...) but I found a good preschool at a church in town (same church we had her in preschool at in Alabama - she loved it and I liked the curriculum and atmosphere) so we plunked down our $25 deposit. We'll see what the details of the on post one are but right now I'm leaning toward the Christian-based preschool. While we were there, she got to play in the indoor playroom. She wanted to go out on to the playground but it was closed. She seemed comfortable there which is a good sign. So we'll see how that goes.

I put up as much of the wallpaper border in the dining room that I could. I had ordered another roll (I didn't plan to paper the living room but changed my mind which meant I needed a 4th roll) but there was a problem with the credit card and the order was cancelled. Of course, I don't find this out until the day before the in-laws arrive. Grr. Ah, well - it will just have to be completed before Christmas. We're hosting Christmas this year. This will be our first time doing so - usually The Husband's parents do so or my parents do so but this year, with a 3 year old and an almost-one-year-old, I've decided that everyone can come to US. Ack! WHAT have I gotten myself into??? I'm already stressing about making everything nice for everyone. Luckily, good friends of ours have offered us their house (they will be out of town) so we won't have to put anyone up on the futon. Whew! Time to start planning decorations, menus (Kris! HELP! Actually, I'm kidding - Christmas breakfast is a tradition of The Husband's family and dinner is a no-brainer), sightseeing adventures, and time to find a church that does a midnight service.

We had a "Hail and Farewell" to go to last night for The Husband's company. It was his "Hail" and the CO's (commanding officer) "Farewell". H&Fs tend to be pretty much the same (as far as I have seen in my limited experience) wherever you go. This one was no exception. This CO had been with the company through their deploment to Iraq so there was a lot of emotion. During the deployment, the CO's family dealt with some pretty awful stuff (I'm not clear on details but it was enough to warrant the CO possibly coming home to be with his family but the family decided he should finish out his tour). There were some awards given out - The "Stick Pig" award - the pilot who has logged the most hours between the last H&F and now; the "Blue Falcon" award - the award given to the person who has done something to put himself/herself ahead of their fellow soldier; "The LBS" award (Lost Bigger Than Shit) - self explanatory; The "Dustpan" award - for the pilot who managed to blow something (person, object, etc.) OVER...funny stuff. The pizza was good and we hung out (WITHOUT the kids!) with friends from flight school. All in all a good evening. I'm looking forward to getting to know these people as time goes on.

Today, The Husband was left to his own devices. He has been pretty good about trying to afford me time to get the house in order as we moved in but he needed to attack the garage. NOT a pretty sight - boxes piled to the celing, motorcycles, parts, tools, toys, backyard stuff...everywhere. He pretty much spent all day out there and seems to have made some progress. More cardboard boxes to be banished from my sight!!! Woohoo!

I, on the other hand, went to Target (Michelle...you and I will have to make a filed trip out of it one day...) in search of a better way to store some of the kids' toys. I wanted this nice wooden cubicle set with canvas boxes but they didn't have it so I'll just have to order it on line. Bummer. Instead I bought Little Man a baby book - it occurred to me that he doesn't HAVE one. Poor kid - I had Miss Princess' before she was born and here, Little Man is going on 5 months old and didn't have one yet. Bad mommy :) Picked up a few more odds and ends - the only thing that was truly needed was the spatter screens for the skillets. The Husband asked me to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up metal shelves and I just *had* to pick up some "Great Value" cookie dough. If you haven't had it, try it! I buy the break-apart stuff and it is (honest to God) better than the make-it-from-scratch Toll House stuff. And easier! I know Kris, you're gasping in shock, aren't you?? Sorry - convenience wins here.

Now we are off to dinner so I must wrap this ramble up. Good news for those of you interested, word on the street says that The Husband's unit and the rest of the Division doesn't look to be going anywhere until Spring. Granted, that is speculation but it meshes with what we're seeing so that is good news!

Have a great weekend!


Must be a full moon

I am addicted to a friend of mine's forum - it's a military spouse forum and it IS my adult interaction on a daily basis. We talk about all sorts of stuff there and one of the sections is about current events. Every once in a while (though it seems to be more frequent lately but I think that is because more and more people are coming to the site and that tends to bring out some of the nuts) there seems to be...well...PMS on the site. It usually comes from someone new since most of us who have been there a while know the ropes and know how to be civil while we discuss/debate. It must be that time of month again. The person who runs the forum is a wonderful person. She is fair, honest, and tolerant of views that differ from her own. But she draws a hard line when it comes to manners on the site and I am constantly amazed at how many people cannot play nice. Obviously their mothers did not teach them manners when they were children. People like that boil my blood. But my friend handled this latest person exactly how they should have been handled - she showed them the door (I would have slammed it on them but she's a nicer person than I am and less prone to violence...).

Went to the commissary today. I TRULY appreciate the benefit of the commissary - why else would I continue to subject myself to such a stressful event? They are doing major construction on this commissary. Keep in mind that this ONE commissary serves 15,000+ soldiers AND THEIR FAMILIES. That's a small city...with ONE grocery store. Add to that the boneheads who drive their shopping carts in the same manner that they drive their cars and it's a good thing I don't carry a gun. So I go today. I have yet to find a "slow" time at this commissary. At our last duty station, I knew that Saturday afternoons/evenings were perfect - the place was a ghost town. Not here. Someone jumped into the parking space I was waiting for (WITH my turn signal on) which should have been my cue to turn around and go home but we were literally out of just about everything and Benevolent Dictator needed PullUps. So I clench my teeth and find another parking spot. I need the exercise anyway...

The first section is the produce section and it's a rat maze. I swear, I keep waiting to find a hunk of cheese at the end because I feel like a lab rat trying to maneuver my cart in the aisles. And because of the construction, there is only 1 way in and it is CLARELY marked "ONE WAY ONLY" and yet people continue to try to come OUT the IN. I used to be nice and back up...now I just point to the sign and wait for THEM to move. I'm getting meaner in my old age. Today, this lady decided that right THERE was the perfect place to stop and chat with a friend. When I walked up, there were 3 people waiting for her to move. Being the impatient person that I am, I simply said (in my best "teacher voice"), "EXCUSE US! Can you please find somewhere else to converse so we can shop??" That got her attention and she begrudgingly ended her conversation and moved along. The person in front of me turned to thank me.

Aside from the fact that the A/C wasn't working well, everything else went pretty well until I got to the dairy section. Seems that the best time to replace freezers/coolers/air conditioning units in a grocery store is during the dog days of summer when it is 95* outside and 90% humidity. Right...

So the dairy section is limping. Butter, sour cream, yogurts...all were non-existent. Great. For some reason, they've been out of Cheerios for the past 3 or 4 weeks too. Did General Mills have some kind of a strike I don't know about? I came home, defeated, with only about 75% of what I needed. Guess I'm off to either Kroger or Wal-Mart tomorrow. Joy. But at least I got milk - thank goodness! And PullUps...can't go without those. You know - the important things in life...



yard maintenance and salmon

I was out finishing up the job I started on the front lawn this AM before it got too hot and all of a sudden, I realized that I was hearing several mowers running. So I looked up and there were 4 different people out mowing their lawns. ALL of them were women.

Military life is an interesting animal. MOST (not all but MOST) civilian families I know follow a "traditional" tack - wife takes care of the inside, husband takes care of the outside. Not so much in the military. Speaking from an "Army Wife" viewpoint here, husbands are gone and the grass HAS to be cut (especially if you live on post or else the Housing Nazis will leave a nasty gram on your front door and put a letter in your file. They can't keep the Garrison Commander's son from flying down the road in front of my house at 56 mph in a 20 mph zone but they sure can make sure our lawns look like something out of "The 'Burbs"). I don't mind mowing my lawn...actually I rather enjoy it and always have (never could get my dad to grasp that concept). I'm weird like that - I also like sweeping and vacuuming. Odd, I know.

Tonight, we're having marinated salmon (teriyaki and pineapple juice), green beans with roasted almonds, and french rolls. YUM. That is, if the salmon decides to defrost...If not, it's PB&J!

I'm off to check on my ant problem. Little buggars are in my pantry. I hate ants. I ran a strip of Elmer's glue along the baseboards to seal them out and tonight I will lay down a line of cinnamon/chili powder to help fortify my line of defense. They seem to like raisins and the cats' food. Too bad for the cats...that means they only get food at certain times of the day - no more leaving it out for them to graze upon. Probably a good thing - Fatty (the male) weighs in at a whopping 15+ pounds and needs to lose some weight.



I am a "stud finder"...

No, not THAT kind of "stud"...get your minds out of the gutter.

I'm down to hanging pictures and putting away random stuff around here in terms of getting settled in. I hammered in no less than 20 nails and EASILY hit studs with 15 of them. Damn, I'm good (this is where some of those emoticons would come in handy...). We have an electronic "stud finder" and it's a POS - doesn't work worth a darn. But me? Give me a hammer and a nail and there is a 75% chance I will hit a stud with it. Too bad I can't cash in on that talent.

Visited with some friends of ours who we knew up in Alaska. They are now down at Rucker but were here to take care of the house they own and rent out. So we swung by and let Benevolent Dictator run amok in an empty house with their 3 rambunctious boys. She had a blast and (for once this month) didn't get hurt! It really was good to see them. As tough as Alaska could be at times (you know - October through May...winter...) I truly miss it. I think I miss the people more than anything but I do also miss the state itself. It is a beautiful state. I have never seen nature in the magnitude that I saw it in Alaska. After having spent five years in Colorado, I didn't think it could get any more awesome. I was wrong. Alaska is Colorado on methamphetamines. We are planning a trip back up in the fall and I'm really excited. Hopefully (to our families' dismay) we will be able to be stationed there again at some point during the Husband's career.

The in-laws are headed this way. They should be here toward the end of the week which means I need to FINISH with this house. Not just put things off and work around things but FINISH. There is a laundry list of "TO DO" that I am going to have to actually tackle as opposed to just blow raspberries at as I walk past it in the mornings. I am waiting on 1 more roll of wallpaper border in order to do the dining room but I can pretty much tackle everything else. So I probably won't post as much as I have this weekend. Yeah, right...

Contacting me...

From what I understand, you have to have your own blog in order to comment on mine so, if you don't want to set up your own blog, you can drop an e-mail to : homefrontsix@comcast.net Thanks!

Insert dowel (E) into the top pre-drilled hole...

So we've been in this house for almost three weeks and we're STILL unpcaking and settling in. It's really not that bad and I could truly handle having guests come visit (and not go into a true panic about boxes being strewn all over and pictures not being hung and no towels to dry your hands with in the bathroom...yes, I'm OCD...) but there is still a nice, long list of "TO DO" taunting me from the front of the fridge. I stick my tounge out at it each time I pass it.

ANYWAY, when we were last at Lowe's buying our 9'x12' area rug to cover the vast expanse of linoleum that is my living room, I found a "Chestnut Mission Style Bookcase" on the display floor - between small appliances and lumber...because that's where you PUT furniture. It would look wonderful in the entry hallway and was not very expensive. And I love mission style furniture. Of course, at that time (while the Husband is schlepping the massive area rug around) I couldn't find one on the shelf (it SAID it was on aisle 45, column C, bay 1 but all that I found there was islands for the kitchen which would have been nice but it was not what I was after and were far beyond my budgetary limitations). So I decided to wait. I went back yesterday and, after 20 minutes of searching with one of the sales people, we found it. Yay! Aside from the island for my kitchen that I suspect I will simply have to dream about (or add to my Christmas wish list), that was the last piece of furniture that I "needed" (i.e. wanted) for the house. So I get it home and after getting The Benevolent Dictator (dear daughter - I needed a moniker for her besides "dd") down for her nap and ATTEMPTING to get Little Man down for his (didn't work - it's my lot in life to have children who do not nap at the same time...), I set to work on this bookcase. Everything was going well - no cussing, no throwing of hardware or tools - until it came time to set the top piece (with it's 4 wood dowels secured by Elmer's glue and it's 4 funky screws that are then supposed to be tightened down with cams, thereby tightening the top of the case to the frame) on the rest of the case. There are 4 holes on the left side of the case but NO holes on the right. WTH??? So I read the instructions again...I'm reading it properly. Maybe I put the right side of the case on upside down? No - it's on there right. I turned that thing six ways from Sunday, looking for those damned holes. Couldn't find them. They just forgot to drill the holes on the right side! Good grief! How hard is that?? These things are made by machines so how hard is it to make sure that all pieces are drilled properly? How did this one get missed?? What did they do? Pull it out of line to take it to lunch and forget to put it back on the assembly line? Ugh.

So my adult interaction that afternoon consisted of speaking to a customer service representative and having them send me out a new piece. She was quite helpful. I was kind of hoping that she would just send me a new case because the Husband is quite capable of drilling holes for me and could have fixed it up this weekend. But all they will be sending me is 1 side. Darn. AH, well.

AN UPDATE ON THE FRG SITUATION HERE : Last night was the "Ladies Night Out". I received a bit more clarification on the FRG situation. There IS no unit/company level FRG - only a batallion level FRG. And, during the last deployment, there really wasn't any cohesion/unity in that FRG. The FRG leader had some family problems and had to hand over control of the FRG to someone. An enlisted spouse really wanted to take it and (from what I was told) would have been great at it and had the blessing/backing of the majority of the other spouses in the batallion. They were going to give it to her and then, at the last minute decided not to because of her husband's rank. In my opinion that is (Melissa, cover your ears) bullshit. Instead they forced it on the 1SGT's wife who truly didn't want it and had already made that clear. So once that handover took place, the FRG kind of fizzled. I love decisions like that. Morons.

Now there are some changes taking place within the batallion and the unit. The unit that the Husband is in will consist mainly of warrant officers in the future and not a mix of crews (enlisted personnel), warrant officers, and officers. So the bulk of the unit will be warrants. I held my thoughts until the conversation had really gotten going and I saw that most of the people there wanted what I wanted - a unit level FRG in addition to anything that the batallion puts together for the next deployment. They agreed and we have already started planning things - a pool party, monthly nights out to get to know one another, etc. I must say I'm a little apprehensive about the new structure of the unit - I will miss having a mix of enlisted, warrant, and officer personnel in the unit - I think that mix gives a unit balance and keeps it from becomming tunnel-visioned. But we'll see.

There was talk about the usual FRG gripe-issues too. Some spouses saw the FRG and Rear-D (rear detachment...the people who do not deploy and who stay behind to keep things running at the installation...I'm sure that's a lousy explanation) as minions to do their bidding. They expected the FRG and the Rear-D people to come and mow their lawns, shovel their driveways, etc. Um, NO. That is not what and FRG is for. there was griping about how it was always the same people doing all the work for FRG functions, etc. It's almost nice to know that these same problems exist anywhere you go - we had some of the same issues up in Alaska.

Hopefully, if and when this next deployment rolls around, we will not only have a batallion level FRG in place to disseminate information but a company level FRG to provide that personal support that some of us crave. I'm not looking for anyone to mow my lawn or shovel my driveway or drive me to the commissary when I need to shop for groceries. I would like an entity that affords me the occasional adult interaction and reminds me that I am not the only one in such a lousy situation - you know...misery loves company. Seriously, there is a camaraderie to be found among people facing similar situations and I look forward to that. If I'm going to have to suffer through being separated from the Husband for a year+, dammit, I want friends! And I want friends who are suffering right along with me! Like I said, misery loves company.

This group of women seems to be a goo group. There were 10 of us there last night - 6 of us are fresh from flight school and 4 have been here a while (through the last deployment). This mirrors the makeup of the unit pretty well. There are 10 brand new warrant officers in the unit right now - pretty unheard of in the Army. But that's ok - only 2 of them lack any kind of military experience...they were either "high school to flight school" or came from civilian employment into flight school with no military experience. But the women there who had been here a while seemed very down-to-earth and likeable. Which is probably why they were there yesterday. We sat there for almost 3 hours chit-chatting which was wonderful. Funny thing is, you get 10 women away from their kids and husbands for a few hours and, inevitably, the conversation always winds up back at kids. Everyone there has kids (or will soon - one of the girls is due in less than 2 weeks) and the bulk of the warrant officers in the unit have kids as well. More playmates for The Benevolent Dictator! I found out that my daughter is NOT the most accident-prone child which was reassuring. One of the women has 5 kids and each one of them (even the 2 year old) has his or her own horror stories about blood and trips to the ER. She's a nice woman and I've met her kids (they were in flight school with us) but I don't think I'll be letting Miss Dictator play with her kids...one trip to the ER this year was PLENTY. And there wasn't even blood involved in our trip. I'd like to keep it that way.

So we'll see what the next deployment has in store for us. There is a Hail and Farewell coming up (a "Hail to the new commander, our "Hail", the old unit commander's "Farewell") so we will get to meet the new commander's wife (I've heard that she's very down-to-earth and energetic - both bode well for the future) and get a better picture of the unit as it stands. We shall see...

have a great weekend!


Winning the war...on cardboard

No - no political commentary just yet. I'm still not sure about throwing out my political opinions as of yet. I haven't had time to really research any of the current events/topics so I don't feel comfortable going off half-cocked about anything. Soon though. Soon.

Quite the productive day. I have to say thank you to my Godmother for her birthday gift - 8 hours of day care for the rugrats. Aside from the doctor's appointment I had, the day was mine (well, until 3pm) to get as much accomplished in this house as possible. I am pleased with the results. I emptied out the last of the boxes that I needed to unpack (dh still has a garage full to do but *I'm* done and the house is essentially unpacked) - mainly all of our pictures/artwork. I was flabbergasted at the absolutely horrible manner in which our packers packed our pictures. I don't even know why he bothered to use any paper at all. Each picture was wrapped in a mere 1 sheet of packing paper. Not even enough to hold the glass in, should the thing break. Good grief! To top it off, he didn't even pad the box or stuff the top to ensure that the contents of the box would not shift during transit. Note to self : WATCH PACKERS LIKE A HAWK NEXT TIME. I didn't this time and we have lots of things to claim for damage. My fault - I should have known better. Amazingly enough, the ONLY thing to be broken out of those 2 boxes was the handmade egg that I was given as a bridesmaid gift from my cousin. And of course, it's priceless and I cannot find a similar item anywhere. Not sure how the claims department will handle that. Ugh.

Back to the war on cardboard. I HATE cardboard. I cannot stand it. Especially here - it's so humid that the boxes degrade incredibly fast. It doesn't keep your belongings protected in any fashion. So, I have been buying Rubbermaid RoughNeck containers to put our stuff in. Went to the PX the other day and dropped about $50 (12 containers - the PX has AWESOME prices on them!) and boxed up all my teaching gear, my coaching gear, our Christmas stuff, etc. All of the kids' clothes, toys, and blankets are in RoughNeck containers as well. My goal is to have all of our stuff in Rubbermaids by the time we move again. Dh's stuff is a different story - that's up to him. But if he wants, I'll go wipe out another shelf at the PX for him and buy them all up. I am excited just thinking about the after-Christmas sales of Rubbermaid containers!!! All of those storage options and HALF OFF!!! Ooh - just gives me the shivers!

So all of our cardboard (well, the boxes that dh would allow me to dispose of - we still have a stack of them sitting on the front porch...) is now sitting at the edge of the road, waiting patiently for the garbage truck to come by tomorrow and pick it up. Good riddance!

I got the moulding up in the kids' room today too. Not the best job I could have done (I should have counter-sunk the nails and putty filled the holes but I didn't have time or the inclination) but it's up and it looks half way decent. Now I am just waiting on the last roll of wallpaper border and the dining room will be done as well. Then, just a few finishing touches (like hanging all the pictures I unpacked today) and we're DONE DONE DONE!!!! Two weeks - we've been here 2 weeks and we're almost done getting settled in. Whew!

I'm pooped. 'night

FRGs? We don't need no stinking FRGs...

I just got an e-mail from a friend of mine whose husband is in the same company as mine. Seems that she has organized a "Ladies Night Out". Great! But the reason behind it isn't so great. Seems the Company FRG (Family Readiness Group aka Family Support Group aka Spouses Group aka Wives Club aka Koffee Klatch, depending on your perspective) is "tired of itself" after the last deployment and has decided to take a vacation of sorts until the next deployment (I"m assuming here...I was told that they were on hiatus indefinitely so I'm assuming that means until the next deployment). Um, ok...that's great...for those people who have been here a while and have been through a deployment! Dh's company has had an influx of no less than 10 brand-spankin-new, freshly minted warrant officers. Ninety percent of those WOs have families (this seems to be QUITE the prolific company...hope it's not in the water!) and 75% of those families have NOT been through a major deployment. Thirty percent of the families are brand new to the Army and do not know much about the Army in general. My friend has been here over 4 months and has yet to receive any kind of contact from anyone in the FRG leadership. That's CRAP. I'm sorry if you all are tired of one another but you have a JOB to do and y'all better get to it or else I may have to take it over.

I got spoiled at our first duty station in Alaska. The FRG for dh's unit was INCREDIBLE. We never faced a deployment but there were plenty of TDYs (temporary duty...like a business trip only longer) and field exercises to contend with and the FRG was always there to help out anyone in the unit who needed it. The people in the FRG were involved, supportive, and very quick to welcome new famlies to the unit, REGARDLESS of when they got there. A Family Readiness Group's responsibility does NOT end with the deployment - in fact, NOW is the time they should be working the hardest to get things rolling. NOW is the time to have everyone get to know one another, not the week before deployment. NOW is the time to edit the contact roster, assess what worked and what didn't work last time (an AAR or After Action Review, if you will) and fix it. NOW is the time to establish that base of support so that it is THERE and in place when it is needed as opposed to being thrown together at the last minute out of desperation. You'd think they'd know this by now...

We'll see what happens in the coming months. I've only been here a month so maybe I'll be surprised...



I hate paying bills. Even when we have plenty of money to cover everything (which, lately we do - thanks to moving money and a pretty strict budget), I still hate paying them. I'm supposed to be doing so right now but I just cannot seem to get motivated. The checkbook is balanced (well, reconciled...I haven't actually BALANCED the stupid thing since my freshman year in college - I have much better things to do with my time...Like sit on the computer!). It's really not that bad and we are making good headway on our "stupid tax" bills (i.e. living beyond our means during college and shortly thereafter) but I would MUCH rather be putting our money into something that is going to EARN interest rather than charge it. But we got ourselves in to this mess, we will dig ourselves out of it.

We went to the carnival on post here and stayed to watch fireworks last night - I was thankful to have dh with me. Last year, the soldiers here were gone and attendance at the carnival and fireworks was much less. Every person I overheard commented on how crowded it was this year but that was ok because it meant that the soldiers were back. I cannot help but wonder what holidays dh will miss and how we will deal with it. Obviously, the 4th of July isn't that big of a deal - Christmas, Thanksgiving, the biggies are a big deal. The rotation schedule has this post looking to deploy again toward the end of the year. I pray that it will not happen until January - not only for my own selfish reasons but because the soldiers here missed Christmas last year and I know it would mean the world to all the families to have them here for Christmas this year. At the same time, as one of my friends has pointed out in the past, Christmas here for one soldier means Christmas missed for another...such a double edged sword.

I'm off to go pay bills. They are chanting my name - taunting me. Bastards.

Just a quickie before I go though - a friend of mine's husband is in the Sandbox and has been for 10+ months now. Last I talked with her, there was rumor that he might be coming back early as part of the forward redeployment group (not sure what the actual term for that is but it's the people who come back early to get things ready for the rest of the group to come home). I know it would mean the WORLD to my friend to have her husband home even 2 days early, let alone 2 months. This deployment has been really tough on her and she has handled it admirably. Those of you inclined to do so, could you say a prayer for them? I would love to see this happen. Thanks.

' night



As if I don't talk enough or spend enough time on the damned computer...now I'm into this blog thing. We'll see how it goes. Chasing two curtain climbers around (well, chasing one around and dealing with the other's demands as he is not yet up and moving) is more than a full time job so my posting may be sporadic at best in the beginning.

For those of you who do now know me, I'm the "Six" of our household. Hubby makes the money, I put it to use. He's an Army man - a Chinook pilot and we are just getting settled in our new little part of the world after having moved from Alabama. Trying to unpack a house with 2 little ones to look after and a husband who is busy getting settled himself is, well, a challenge. One, I must admit, I am frequently not up for it seems. But it's getting better and the house is beginning to look like a house and not a storage unit which is doing wonders for my disposition.

A little background on me...I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. I met my husband while we were both working as lifeguards for the city we both grew up in. We've been married for almost 7 years and together for over 12. As I mentioned before, we have 2 kids and 2 spoiled rotten pound kitties who shed enough for me to knit a cat-hair afghan if I knew how to knit.

In my former life, I taught high school health and PE and coached swimming and plan to get back to that once the kids are in school but that's a ways off. I love to read, surf the net, scrapbook, swim, do most anything outdoors, and most of all spend time with my family.

I'll be posting more soon. And more so once hubby (dh for short) heads to the sandbox (not sure when but he will be going...we know that for sure). This is just the beginning...


Wrote this six years ago. Nothing's changed.  One of my favorite movies is 'Bull Durham'. And one of my favorite scenes in ...