Another ramble

I took the rugrats to a playgroup here on post today. Quite disappointing. The one at Rucker (at least until ACS aka Army Community Services decided to get their hands on it and turn it into something we didn't want it to be) was good - a nice large room, lots of good toys (and multiples so parallel play was possible and sharing wasn't such a necessity), and very little structured time. Basically it was designed for adult interaction but you didn't have to pay for child care.

The one we went to today was...well, lacking. The building it was in should have been razed - it smelled of water damage and cigarette smoke. YUCK. Dark and dingy. There were very few toys there too. Supposedly the playgroup usually meets in a different location but during the summer they lose their facility so they had to use this place. Hopefully the other facility is better. Princess Trouble was the oldest one there. The second oldest child was 20 months - a good year younger than Princess Trouble. We discussed the "Rule" before we went in - "no taking toys out of people's hands". She did pretty well but she's two and a half and sometimes forgot. I could HEAR the eyebrows being raised by other parents. Give them 6 months, they'll be where I am now. Personally speaking, I thought she did QUITE well - better than usual actually. ALl of the parents were sitting in chairs in a circle when we walked in. I'm not a big fan of chairs in a setting like that, especially with Little Man who is *this* close to crawling - he wants to be down on the floor. So we plopped down on the edge of the circle and joined the fun. By the end of the hour, there were 4 or 5 other moms camped out on the floor as well. All in all, I wasn't impressed. Which is disappointing, given the size of this installation. I expected more.

Just goes to show you that size is not always a reliable indicator of performance...

I had to venture back to the commissary this evening. We were out of formula and milk - two things this household cannot function without. I assumed we would be relatively safe since Evil Granny seems to be somewhere out on the East Coast. I think she's probably one of the organizers for the Democratic National Convention so she is probably in Boston right now. Not a bad outing. I was really brave and took Princess Trouble with me. That lack of sleep is blurring that fine line between bravery and stupidity...She was hell-bent on locating the "Shrek Go-Gurts" that she had seen in a coupon advertisement. Of course the dairy section is at the end of our path through the commissary so every aisle we went down, all I hear is "Where's Shrek?" But we found some and that was her dessert. Who knew that cherry yogurt was such a wonderful dessert? Go figure.

I have decided to take some classes this fall - as if I don't have enough on my plate as it is. But I need several more classes to secure my clear Health Education credential so there's no time like the present. Now that I have applied, I need to figure out how to pay for these classes. I could sell a kidney...nah, can't handle needles. So I'm scouring the web for scholarships. I'd love to get my hands on a piece of that "$1.2 BILLION in un-awarded financial aid" that you always hear about. My goal is to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books with scholarship money. I'm only taking 6 credits per term (just enough to defer the student loans I already have...) so we're not talking a TON of money. It's weird to think of myself as a college student again. Wonder if I could justify buying school clothes?? hehe They are on-line classes...

Time for bed. My children have decided that I am not allowed 4 or more consecutive hours of sleep so I need to get in my 3 hours and 59 minutes now.

' night!


HouseofHeather said...

You should definitely be able to get some of the financial aid. Even I qualified for $500/semester ;)

And go buy yourself some "school clothes" LOL. I did, and 3 out of my 4 classes are online :D

Go-gurts? You ARE brave! Matthew loves yogurt, but I can't trust him w/ the tubes, he would have it squirted all over the house :-O

Homefront Six said...

I let her try the tube while standing in the kitchen. She got it all over her face and decided that pouring it out into a bowl was a better idea (she doesn't like messes...).


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