Her first library card!

The other day, Wen and I took Princess Trouble to the library on post for "Story Time" and while we were there, she got her first library card! I was so excited for her! I can remember getting my first library card - at the Buena Vista Library. I remember exactly what it looked like (the kids' cards were yellow), holding the pen to sign my name (and my dad telling me I was holding the pen too tight), how the library smelled, everything. That library is gone now and there is a new, state-of-the-art facility that, while newer and better, will never replace the original. *sigh*

Anyway, I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that my baby girl is old enough to have a library card. Granted, it's a family card but still, she can now choose books to check out. We will go each Thursday (or Saturday, depending on how the week goes) and pick out 3 books for the week. This week, she chose a Winnie the Pooh book, a Curious George book (one of my favorites!), and Wen chose "Julius, Baby of the World" (which we read last night and both of us thoroughly enjoyed). Princess Trouble sat still during story time and had fun making her "Library Necklace" with her name on it so the people who run story time will know who she is. It hangs on the bulletin board with the library card. Little Man got one too but all he wants to do with his is eat it. Go figure.

I am SO looking forward to fall. Princess Trouble will be going to Preschool 3 days a week - MWF. The playgroup I am starting up will meet Tuesday mornings and either Thursday or Saturday we will go to the library. I love routines - can you tell? Must be the OCD side of my nature. But Princess Trouble thrives on them as well. She's already excited about school and asks each day if it is time yet. I hope she has as much fun this year as she did last year. Her teacher was wonderful last year and did so well with the kids.

I can't wait to get out the fall decorations and start dressing up for the holiday season (which lasts from Labor Day through New Year at our house!). I can't wait to wear my sweaters again - they have been in hibernation (or on vacation I suppose) since we left Alaska. I can't wait to use my fall-scented candles! Or bake pumpkin bread. I love fall!

I am also excited to start school again, even though I will be studying on-line. I heard from the University today and they are just waiting on transcripts from 2 more of my colleges and then they will process my application and figure out what to do with me. Not to mention, offer me whatever financial aid I may be eligible for. I need to get on the scholarship applications. I'm going to have to figure out when my dedicated study time will be. There is a learning center on post (and the library) that I plan to go to for a lot of my study time. If I try to study at home, I'll wind up doing so while holding Little Man and tying Princess Trouble's shoes or getting her a snack.

Ok - I'm rambling so I will wrap this burrito up. I'm in a much better mood today and I don't know why...I got 6 hours of sleep last night but only 3 were consecutive. Hmm...I'll take it though!

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Gail said...

How cool her first library card! I felt the same way when my girls got their first cards!!


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