How much sleep does a person REALLY need?

Obviously not much seeing as how I am still alive and functioning. Since Little Man was born, there have only been a handful of nights in which I have been able to rack up 4 or more CONSECUTIVE hours of sleep. It doesn't matter if I go to bed immediately after he goes down or if I wait until midnight to go to bed. In under 4 hours, he WILL wake up. Last night was not THE worst night but it ranks in the top 5. We had thunderstorms roll through last night. We've put a fan in the kids' room to help mitigate some of the noise that comes from living a.) on a busy street and b.) in a house with tile floors. The fan managed to drown out the thunder until RIGHT after I had dosed off. Then *CRACK*...a flash of lightning, a boom of thunder, and Princess Trouble is screaming for us (ok - for me) from her bed. Of course her screaming then wakes Little Man up. Can I tell you how PAINFUL it is to try to haul your body (which is already incredibly sleep deprived) out of bed less than 5 minutes after you've fallen asleep? I almost didn't make it. Once I got Princess Trouble settled in our bed and fed Little Man (who seems to think that midnight is a good time to play...not sure WHERE he got that silly idea), there was no room for me in my bed. Rather than disturb the Princess and The Husband when I *knew* I was going to be once again (or 4 or 5 times) hauling my poor body back out of bed before sunrise, I decided that sleeping in Princess Trouble's bed would be a reasonable idea. Ugh. I"m not sure if I would have been better off fighting for space in my own bed or sleeping in hers. At least in hers, I was closer to Little Man and could get to him before he woke the rest of the house up.

Needless to say, I didn't even come close to 4 consecutive hours. Heck I'm not sure I came close to 2. I keep waiting (and secretly hoping) that my body will protest the lack of sleep in a manner that confines me TO my bed for a week or so. At this point, I think I would put up with the flu if it meant that I could get some SLEEP.

And don't tell me to sleep during the day when the kids sleep - anyone who knows my kids knows that they do NOT nap at the same time. I've already thought of that idea and it just isn't possible. Besides, I sleep horribly enough at night - I'd make it worse by taking a nap. I am just not a "nap during the day" type of person unless I'm sick. Which brings me back to secretly hoping I will fall mildly ill. A girl can dream, right?

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graycat74 said...

Maybe you could offer yourself up to Science for some experiment on no sleep and they could pay you for this and at the end of the experiment (in 18 years) you will be able to afford a very nice vacation!


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