I am a "stud finder"...

No, not THAT kind of "stud"...get your minds out of the gutter.

I'm down to hanging pictures and putting away random stuff around here in terms of getting settled in. I hammered in no less than 20 nails and EASILY hit studs with 15 of them. Damn, I'm good (this is where some of those emoticons would come in handy...). We have an electronic "stud finder" and it's a POS - doesn't work worth a darn. But me? Give me a hammer and a nail and there is a 75% chance I will hit a stud with it. Too bad I can't cash in on that talent.

Visited with some friends of ours who we knew up in Alaska. They are now down at Rucker but were here to take care of the house they own and rent out. So we swung by and let Benevolent Dictator run amok in an empty house with their 3 rambunctious boys. She had a blast and (for once this month) didn't get hurt! It really was good to see them. As tough as Alaska could be at times (you know - October through May...winter...) I truly miss it. I think I miss the people more than anything but I do also miss the state itself. It is a beautiful state. I have never seen nature in the magnitude that I saw it in Alaska. After having spent five years in Colorado, I didn't think it could get any more awesome. I was wrong. Alaska is Colorado on methamphetamines. We are planning a trip back up in the fall and I'm really excited. Hopefully (to our families' dismay) we will be able to be stationed there again at some point during the Husband's career.

The in-laws are headed this way. They should be here toward the end of the week which means I need to FINISH with this house. Not just put things off and work around things but FINISH. There is a laundry list of "TO DO" that I am going to have to actually tackle as opposed to just blow raspberries at as I walk past it in the mornings. I am waiting on 1 more roll of wallpaper border in order to do the dining room but I can pretty much tackle everything else. So I probably won't post as much as I have this weekend. Yeah, right...

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