Michael Moore makes me sick

He finally got the guts up to venture on to "The O'Reilly Factor" with Bill O'Reilly this evening on FoxNews. Now, Bill drives me nuts too - he's pushy, rude, arrogant, and NEVER lets his guest complete a sentence...kind of like Rush Limbaugh but without the drugs...but Moore infuriates me.

I thought about actually sitting down to watch the interview but it's been a LONG day and I knew my poor brain (nor my blood pressure) couldn't handle it. So I read the transcript instead. Glad I did because, from what I understand from those who did watch, it was a scream-fest which I cannot stand.

Moore's big assertion is that President Bush "lied" to the American public about weapons of mass destruction and the true motivations for going to war with Iraq. O'Reilly's assertion is that President Bush didn't lie, he acted on faulty intelligence. I'm inclined to side with Bill on this one. However, I do firmly believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq until just before OIF began. Hell, we gave him 2 WEEKS heads' up! My GRANDMOTHER and her WALKER could have ferried NBCs (nuclear, biological, chemical weapons) out of Iraq in that amount of time! Surely the Iraqi army and Saddam's special police could dismantle their weapons program and stash it say, in SYRIA! C'mon people - it's not freaking rocket science! If *I* can figure this out, why can't everyone else? Good grief.

Getting back to the "faulty intelligence"...I don't really think it was faulty. I think we spent too much time on our knees in front of the UN begging for permission. I think, at the time the CIA told President Bush that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, there probably were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But because we spent so much time prostrate on the floor of the UN, by the time we fianlly got our ducks in a row and got over there, they were gone. CIA's fault? Maybe. But I think our desire to get everyone on board a boat that should have sailed say 12 years ago when the FIRST UN resolution was violated got in the way of us getting there in time to prove that intelligence RIGHT. And, to put the cherry on top, now the Syrians have those weapons. Oh joy. I know *I'm* sleeping more soundly at night thank-you-very-much.

If you REALLY want to start pointing fingers (which I must say I am absolutely sick and tired of), you'll have to go back to Carter's administration when we began to rely too heavily on technology than on human intelligence within the intelligence community. We cut the budgets of the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies until they were merely shells of what they used to be. "Do less with more"...it didn't work in the education sector, why would we think it would work in the intelligence sector? Duh. For decades, we've been shortchanging ourselves in this area and it finally came back to bite us in the tender parts on September 11. Both democratic and republican administrations are guilty of this. Finger pointing does no one any good. I'm all for learning our history in order to avoid repeating it in the future but let's not dwell on it so much that we can't take care of the job at hand.

Moore's other harping point was "Would you sacrifice your child (to remove the Taliban, to secure Fallujah, etc.)?" Um, last I checked it was The Husband's signature on the dotted line, NOT his parents. No one's PARENTS signed them up to the Armed Forces. This is a VOLUNTEER MILITARY. These people CHOSE to be in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Coast Guard. Granted, it didn't OCCUR to some of them that they may have to go to WAR at some point ("but I just joined for the free college") but they CHOSE to join. Moore doesn't get that. Dumbass.

All in all, the interview simply reaffirmed my belief that Michael Moore is exactly what I thought he was - a hateful, narrow minded, blowhard who hates this country and all that it stands for. Maybe France would like him.


Gail said...

I agree 100%!

barks said...

MM is an idiot of the first degree! personally, if we weren't entitled to freedom of speech in this country (thanks to our military), i'd like to see him and a few others of the "Hollywood" elite shipped to Iran to live in a dictatorship and see what it's like!!! HEY!!! i can dream, can't i???


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