Milky Way Minis and wonderful friends

I have wonderful friends. Which gives me hope that, when The Husband DOES head over to play Army in the Litter Box, I will survive. I just wrapped up a wonderful visit with an incredible friend. She loves my kids as much as I do (even the Barf Bomb)...sometimes more I think (I'm kidding...sort of) and she lvoes me even more. I am truly blessed to have friends like her.

I have to go to the Commissary tomorrow. Tomorrow is payday as well. AND I have to take the children. GOD HELP ME!!! If any of you are the praying types, NOW would be a good time to offer one up for me. Those of you who are not, just keep some bail money handy.

I am going during the early bird hours. One hour before the store opens for regular hours, they allow shoppers to come in and pick up 15 items or less. It's not a hard and fast rule - just that those with 15 items or less get to go ahead of those with more. I had to pop in the other day (we were out of Pull Ups and toilet paper...truly an emergency of ugly proportions) and did so during this hour. The aisles were essentially empty aside from the hurried soldier in BDUs and the occasional senior citizen. I can handle that. I'm planning to get there about 30 minutes before regular shopping hours begin in the hopes that I can get through my list and get in line before the throngs arrive. Ah, but the best laid plans of mice and men...well, you know the rest. And then there is the old saying about good intentions making pavement in certain places. We'll see. If nothing else, I'll buy myself some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and eat those as I trudge my way through. Chocolate makes everything better.

Speaking of chocolate, I received the most wonderful package in the mail today. I have this affinity for Milky Way Darks/Milky Way Midnights. NOT the big candy bar though - I like the minis. Three or four of those and my chocolate beast is satisfied for a good while. Can't find the suckers ANYWHERE. I did find them in a Target in New Orleans (YES, I drove to New Orleans to go to Target...and Mervyn's...sad, I know...but I HAD company!) but couldn't find them anywhere else. I posted on this discussion board I frequent a while back and my wonderfully thoughtful friend in Colorado found them and dropped 2 whole bags in the mail to me. When I opened the package today, I almost cried. It's been an exhausting week/month/year and just the sheer unexpected kindness of it was almost too much. I'm sure my friend who was visiting thought I was nuts. Actually, she's known me for 16+ years, she KNOWS I'm nuts. Thank you Annie. Thank you. Greycat74, you too.

Like I said, I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful friends (and family too for that matter). Truly blessed. I'm off to have a few Milky Ways now. Yum.

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HouseofHeather said...

I love Early Bird hours!
During the school year, I drop the kids off at school by 8:40 and head off to the commissary by 9am. Early bird is from 9am-10am here, so I start at 9am and I'm done right at 10am and right at the front of the line before there's even a crowd! The aisles are hugely empty...wonderful!
The Early bird at Rucker wasn't so good...


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