Prayers for Cameron

A friend of mine has a little baby boy, Cameron. Seems a few days ago he herniated part of his intestine. Thanks to the quick thinking and expertise of a doctor named Chris, emergency surgery was avoided (this is after he was Lifeflighted to Boston's Children's hospital) and he did not lose any of his intestine or his testicle. However, he is still having some trouble and has been back to the hospital again because they thought there might be some kind of blockage. There doesn't appear to be but he is still scheduled for surgery to fix the hernia in a few weeks. He's only 4 or 5 weeks old. Daddy is deployed in Iraq (although they are flying him back to the states to be with his family during this crisis) and has not met his son yet. His mom, Karen, is an amazing woman. Deployments suck to begin with. Not only is she dealing with a deployment, she also went through the bulk of her pregnancy alone as well as the delivery. Her strength is amazing and I am in awe.

If you could simply stop for a moment right now and (if it is your inclination) offer up a short prayer for Cameron, for his mother, and his father...I'd really apprecaite it.

I pray that his father makes it back safely and is able to stay with his family for the surgery. I pray that Cameron has no more scares and doesn't have to go back to the hospital until his surgery. I pray that the doctors and nurses are skilled and nurturing. And lastly I pray that his mother would continue to find strength in the prayers of others. She is an amazing woman and should I ever have to face such an awful situation, I can only hope I have 1/2 as much grace as she.

Thank you.


Gail said...

Amen. Prayers have been sent.

Anonymous said...


Prayers said here, too.


HouseofHeather said...

Prayers on their way.

Michelle said...

Lots of prayers said here, too.


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