Prayers needed

I belong to several Yahoo! groups...mainly military spouse groups and scrapbooking groups. Those of you near Fort Bragg may have already heard of a soldier passing away due to heat stroke this past week. He was the husband of one of the girls on one of my groups. He's a West Point grad as well and graduated (I believe) with my brother-in-law. He leaves behind his wife and their infant son.

It's all so sad. If anyone is interested in contributing to the memorial fund that is set up for their son or to comfort quilts being made for his wife, his son, and his mother...please post in the comments section and I'll get you that information.



graycat74 said...

Wow...besides upsetting that is really annoying! Like it isn't enough that they deploy...one should not have to worry about them here, in training! No training regimen is worth that.

Gail said...

Anything I can do...let me know. I am not sure what is required for the comfort quilts but I do quilt.

Prayers have been sent.


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