I hate paying bills. Even when we have plenty of money to cover everything (which, lately we do - thanks to moving money and a pretty strict budget), I still hate paying them. I'm supposed to be doing so right now but I just cannot seem to get motivated. The checkbook is balanced (well, reconciled...I haven't actually BALANCED the stupid thing since my freshman year in college - I have much better things to do with my time...Like sit on the computer!). It's really not that bad and we are making good headway on our "stupid tax" bills (i.e. living beyond our means during college and shortly thereafter) but I would MUCH rather be putting our money into something that is going to EARN interest rather than charge it. But we got ourselves in to this mess, we will dig ourselves out of it.

We went to the carnival on post here and stayed to watch fireworks last night - I was thankful to have dh with me. Last year, the soldiers here were gone and attendance at the carnival and fireworks was much less. Every person I overheard commented on how crowded it was this year but that was ok because it meant that the soldiers were back. I cannot help but wonder what holidays dh will miss and how we will deal with it. Obviously, the 4th of July isn't that big of a deal - Christmas, Thanksgiving, the biggies are a big deal. The rotation schedule has this post looking to deploy again toward the end of the year. I pray that it will not happen until January - not only for my own selfish reasons but because the soldiers here missed Christmas last year and I know it would mean the world to all the families to have them here for Christmas this year. At the same time, as one of my friends has pointed out in the past, Christmas here for one soldier means Christmas missed for another...such a double edged sword.

I'm off to go pay bills. They are chanting my name - taunting me. Bastards.

Just a quickie before I go though - a friend of mine's husband is in the Sandbox and has been for 10+ months now. Last I talked with her, there was rumor that he might be coming back early as part of the forward redeployment group (not sure what the actual term for that is but it's the people who come back early to get things ready for the rest of the group to come home). I know it would mean the WORLD to my friend to have her husband home even 2 days early, let alone 2 months. This deployment has been really tough on her and she has handled it admirably. Those of you inclined to do so, could you say a prayer for them? I would love to see this happen. Thanks.

' night

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Shannon said...

They call it advon (advanced echelon). I've always heard advanced party - or at least when dh's deployed the last two times he was advanced party lol. I don't know if heading over is advanced party and coming back is the other or the terms are interchangeable lol. Guess I could ask dh lol. I just live this life, I don't pretend to understand it lol.

Ah - the bills. I'm proud to report I took care of ours on the 1st. Lucky for me, the bank website was down so I did not have to balance the checkbook ROTFL! I'm pretty proud of myself - only twice have I been off this past year. I have a bad time of reversing numbers, so doing the bills and balancing the checkbook is stressful to me. The two times I've had a mistake, it was due to poor penmanship though lol.


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