A ramble

Sorry to have taken so long to post again - this week has been miserable. Little Man is teething and has decided that I only need 3 hours of sleep per night. He also has this knack of waking up from HIS nap right as I'm getting my daughter down for hers so I don't get much time to myself to catch my breath. Ah, well. It's getting a LITTLE better (thank goodness for Motrin and Tylenol...) especially since the in-laws are in town and can watch them while I at least take a shower.

Aside from sleep deprivation, this week was busy. The Husband had duty Sunday (24 hours of answering phones, giving out information, helping people who are just coming into the Batallion, dealing with after-hours issues, etc.) so it was me and the kids Sunday. Monday he spent recouperating and sleeping (must be nice...) so I took the kids and registered Miss Princess at preschool. I'm STILL waiting to hear about preschool ON post (seems they can't get their ducks in a row and get the waiting list people called...makes me wonder if they can get their ducks in a row and help my daughter learn anything...) but I found a good preschool at a church in town (same church we had her in preschool at in Alabama - she loved it and I liked the curriculum and atmosphere) so we plunked down our $25 deposit. We'll see what the details of the on post one are but right now I'm leaning toward the Christian-based preschool. While we were there, she got to play in the indoor playroom. She wanted to go out on to the playground but it was closed. She seemed comfortable there which is a good sign. So we'll see how that goes.

I put up as much of the wallpaper border in the dining room that I could. I had ordered another roll (I didn't plan to paper the living room but changed my mind which meant I needed a 4th roll) but there was a problem with the credit card and the order was cancelled. Of course, I don't find this out until the day before the in-laws arrive. Grr. Ah, well - it will just have to be completed before Christmas. We're hosting Christmas this year. This will be our first time doing so - usually The Husband's parents do so or my parents do so but this year, with a 3 year old and an almost-one-year-old, I've decided that everyone can come to US. Ack! WHAT have I gotten myself into??? I'm already stressing about making everything nice for everyone. Luckily, good friends of ours have offered us their house (they will be out of town) so we won't have to put anyone up on the futon. Whew! Time to start planning decorations, menus (Kris! HELP! Actually, I'm kidding - Christmas breakfast is a tradition of The Husband's family and dinner is a no-brainer), sightseeing adventures, and time to find a church that does a midnight service.

We had a "Hail and Farewell" to go to last night for The Husband's company. It was his "Hail" and the CO's (commanding officer) "Farewell". H&Fs tend to be pretty much the same (as far as I have seen in my limited experience) wherever you go. This one was no exception. This CO had been with the company through their deploment to Iraq so there was a lot of emotion. During the deployment, the CO's family dealt with some pretty awful stuff (I'm not clear on details but it was enough to warrant the CO possibly coming home to be with his family but the family decided he should finish out his tour). There were some awards given out - The "Stick Pig" award - the pilot who has logged the most hours between the last H&F and now; the "Blue Falcon" award - the award given to the person who has done something to put himself/herself ahead of their fellow soldier; "The LBS" award (Lost Bigger Than Shit) - self explanatory; The "Dustpan" award - for the pilot who managed to blow something (person, object, etc.) OVER...funny stuff. The pizza was good and we hung out (WITHOUT the kids!) with friends from flight school. All in all a good evening. I'm looking forward to getting to know these people as time goes on.

Today, The Husband was left to his own devices. He has been pretty good about trying to afford me time to get the house in order as we moved in but he needed to attack the garage. NOT a pretty sight - boxes piled to the celing, motorcycles, parts, tools, toys, backyard stuff...everywhere. He pretty much spent all day out there and seems to have made some progress. More cardboard boxes to be banished from my sight!!! Woohoo!

I, on the other hand, went to Target (Michelle...you and I will have to make a filed trip out of it one day...) in search of a better way to store some of the kids' toys. I wanted this nice wooden cubicle set with canvas boxes but they didn't have it so I'll just have to order it on line. Bummer. Instead I bought Little Man a baby book - it occurred to me that he doesn't HAVE one. Poor kid - I had Miss Princess' before she was born and here, Little Man is going on 5 months old and didn't have one yet. Bad mommy :) Picked up a few more odds and ends - the only thing that was truly needed was the spatter screens for the skillets. The Husband asked me to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up metal shelves and I just *had* to pick up some "Great Value" cookie dough. If you haven't had it, try it! I buy the break-apart stuff and it is (honest to God) better than the make-it-from-scratch Toll House stuff. And easier! I know Kris, you're gasping in shock, aren't you?? Sorry - convenience wins here.

Now we are off to dinner so I must wrap this ramble up. Good news for those of you interested, word on the street says that The Husband's unit and the rest of the Division doesn't look to be going anywhere until Spring. Granted, that is speculation but it meshes with what we're seeing so that is good news!

Have a great weekend!


The Food Whore said...

Oh, I am a self admitted food snob, lol, but I never gasp and convenient food for mothers of small children.

And here's a secret - I hate to bake. Despise it. So if dear hubby wants cookies, Soft Batch it is.

graycat74 said...

Duh, I can help with X-mas.


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