Winning the war...on cardboard

No - no political commentary just yet. I'm still not sure about throwing out my political opinions as of yet. I haven't had time to really research any of the current events/topics so I don't feel comfortable going off half-cocked about anything. Soon though. Soon.

Quite the productive day. I have to say thank you to my Godmother for her birthday gift - 8 hours of day care for the rugrats. Aside from the doctor's appointment I had, the day was mine (well, until 3pm) to get as much accomplished in this house as possible. I am pleased with the results. I emptied out the last of the boxes that I needed to unpack (dh still has a garage full to do but *I'm* done and the house is essentially unpacked) - mainly all of our pictures/artwork. I was flabbergasted at the absolutely horrible manner in which our packers packed our pictures. I don't even know why he bothered to use any paper at all. Each picture was wrapped in a mere 1 sheet of packing paper. Not even enough to hold the glass in, should the thing break. Good grief! To top it off, he didn't even pad the box or stuff the top to ensure that the contents of the box would not shift during transit. Note to self : WATCH PACKERS LIKE A HAWK NEXT TIME. I didn't this time and we have lots of things to claim for damage. My fault - I should have known better. Amazingly enough, the ONLY thing to be broken out of those 2 boxes was the handmade egg that I was given as a bridesmaid gift from my cousin. And of course, it's priceless and I cannot find a similar item anywhere. Not sure how the claims department will handle that. Ugh.

Back to the war on cardboard. I HATE cardboard. I cannot stand it. Especially here - it's so humid that the boxes degrade incredibly fast. It doesn't keep your belongings protected in any fashion. So, I have been buying Rubbermaid RoughNeck containers to put our stuff in. Went to the PX the other day and dropped about $50 (12 containers - the PX has AWESOME prices on them!) and boxed up all my teaching gear, my coaching gear, our Christmas stuff, etc. All of the kids' clothes, toys, and blankets are in RoughNeck containers as well. My goal is to have all of our stuff in Rubbermaids by the time we move again. Dh's stuff is a different story - that's up to him. But if he wants, I'll go wipe out another shelf at the PX for him and buy them all up. I am excited just thinking about the after-Christmas sales of Rubbermaid containers!!! All of those storage options and HALF OFF!!! Ooh - just gives me the shivers!

So all of our cardboard (well, the boxes that dh would allow me to dispose of - we still have a stack of them sitting on the front porch...) is now sitting at the edge of the road, waiting patiently for the garbage truck to come by tomorrow and pick it up. Good riddance!

I got the moulding up in the kids' room today too. Not the best job I could have done (I should have counter-sunk the nails and putty filled the holes but I didn't have time or the inclination) but it's up and it looks half way decent. Now I am just waiting on the last roll of wallpaper border and the dining room will be done as well. Then, just a few finishing touches (like hanging all the pictures I unpacked today) and we're DONE DONE DONE!!!! Two weeks - we've been here 2 weeks and we're almost done getting settled in. Whew!

I'm pooped. 'night

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HouseofHeather said...

We did the rubbermaid thing too....and the stinking movers emptied all my nicely packed things OUT of the rubbermaid boxes and into cardboard UGH!

(psst...this is Heather aka prfectprincess LOL)


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