I found the key to a successful trip to the Commissary!!! Today is Friday. It's payday. And I had BOTH children with me. Perfect ingredients for a migraine. We got there about 8:30am (give or take...we never make it out the door on time these days...) and it was virtually EMPTY!!! There was only 1 incident of me muttering under my breath and it was due to one of the Commissary employees parking her cart sideways in the aisle. I very kindly asked her to move it and she did. My blood pressure stayed within normal range and I didn't even clench my teeth :) All in all, a VERY successful experience!

And, not only was it a good outing, I got all but 3 things on my list. Seems they do a big restock Thursday nights and the shelves were full! Princess Trouble got her Shrek Go-Gurts, Little Man slept (another bonus to going during early bird hours - it's his morning nap time!), and I got out of there for under $100. Works for me!

Looks like a boring weekend which is ok with me. I was hoping to be able to go to Atlanta for a bit of a break but The Husband was wrong in his belief that he would have today off. Atlanta is a 4-5 hour drive and I just can't see going on a 2 day weekend. So I'll just have to wait. I'll get a break one of these days. 48 hours to do nothing if I so choose. I can find a Barnes and Noble, buy a Chai tea, grab a pile of books and sit down and read to my heart's content until my eyes can't take anymore. 48 hours to have a thought that is my own. I could sleep in. Hell, I could get more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. I could take a shower that lasted longer than 4 minutes and possibly shave BOTH legs in the same shower. What a NOVEL concept. A girl can dream, can't she?

Getting back to reality, just another piddler of a weekend. I'm hoping to finish up the border in the dining room and go through the kids' old clothes and get those ready to take to the Thrift Store on post. It's a consignment store so the extra cash will be nice - not sure if I"ll put it back into the "Clothing Fund" or put it elsewhere (there is also "Car Repairs", "Summer Fun", and "Food"...we also need to start a "Household Needs" fund for things like a bench for the front porch and a lawn mower). With the amount of clothing that I have, it should bring in a decent amount of pocket money. And I need to vacuum out the car - a few too many Cheerios and other kid debris in the car. I'm telling you, I lead and EXCITING life!

I'm off to color with Princess Trouble now. Have a great weekend!

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