yard maintenance and salmon

I was out finishing up the job I started on the front lawn this AM before it got too hot and all of a sudden, I realized that I was hearing several mowers running. So I looked up and there were 4 different people out mowing their lawns. ALL of them were women.

Military life is an interesting animal. MOST (not all but MOST) civilian families I know follow a "traditional" tack - wife takes care of the inside, husband takes care of the outside. Not so much in the military. Speaking from an "Army Wife" viewpoint here, husbands are gone and the grass HAS to be cut (especially if you live on post or else the Housing Nazis will leave a nasty gram on your front door and put a letter in your file. They can't keep the Garrison Commander's son from flying down the road in front of my house at 56 mph in a 20 mph zone but they sure can make sure our lawns look like something out of "The 'Burbs"). I don't mind mowing my lawn...actually I rather enjoy it and always have (never could get my dad to grasp that concept). I'm weird like that - I also like sweeping and vacuuming. Odd, I know.

Tonight, we're having marinated salmon (teriyaki and pineapple juice), green beans with roasted almonds, and french rolls. YUM. That is, if the salmon decides to defrost...If not, it's PB&J!

I'm off to check on my ant problem. Little buggars are in my pantry. I hate ants. I ran a strip of Elmer's glue along the baseboards to seal them out and tonight I will lay down a line of cinnamon/chili powder to help fortify my line of defense. They seem to like raisins and the cats' food. Too bad for the cats...that means they only get food at certain times of the day - no more leaving it out for them to graze upon. Probably a good thing - Fatty (the male) weighs in at a whopping 15+ pounds and needs to lose some weight.



Michelle said...

Grant's Ant Traps!! One of the most amazing lessons I learned at Travis was the wonder of the Grant's Ant Traps. You can stake them out against the house in the general vicinity and then slide one in the pantry, under the stove and refrigerator

graycat74 said...

Mowing the lawn gives you a sense of accomplishment.


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