Capitalist or Socialist? You decide.

We are having a debate about nationalized health care on the military spouse website I frequent. The majority of the people on the site are of the conservative/Republican bent. But there are a few who lean left. S is one of them. She is a firm believer in all sorts of social programs, especially nationalized health care. She is also a firm believer in welfare, food stamps, etc. She believes that, because "everyone desires health care" it should be the right of the people to have health care. She also believes that the security of this nation should come second to social policy issues. Her rationale is that a secure border doesn't do her any good if she is living on the streets.

MY arguement is that access to health care isn't going to matter one damn bit if nutjobs actually succeed in destroying this nation. I would MUCH rather pay out of pocket to have my appendix removed and do so in a safe and secure country than have the government pay for my appendectomy while New York is a wasteland because some nutcase detonated a dirty bomb in the heart of Central Park and killed off 3 million people. I highly doubt that government health care will cover radiation exposure as part of their benefits package.

Aside from the national security vs. social programs debate, my other fundamental issue with anything government run is that our government can't run ITSELF properly, let alone something as huge as national health care. Hell, the DoD can't run Tricare properly! What makes ANYONE think that the government will do a better job with something of a LARGER scale?? Want to see what nationalized medicine is REALLY like? Drive north until you cross the Canadian border. Then get sick. See where that takes you. It's not pretty.

My friend pointed out to me the other day, as we discussed this topic, that we live in a capitalistic society. In such a society, there will always be the "haves" and the "have nots". There is no way around a bell curve. To rely on government (as opposed to people) to take care of the "have nots" is doing them a disservice. Government is a big, cumbersome, impersonal entity that has no business CARING for people. People should be caring for people. Let the care of the "have nots" fall to people - religious organizations, charities, etc. Stop "forcing" me to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves (via taxes which are used for poorly run social programs) and let ME decide how and where to place my money so that I can be sure the people who truly need help receive it. They sure as heck aren't getting it now.

I'm off my soapbox and off to bed. 'night!

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ziva said...

Right On. I'd love to pack them all up and send them all off to live in a Socialist, Communist, hey pick your istisms country for a few years and let them experience the reality vs stupid left wing idealized version of life. Do they ever wonder why so many people are trying to get into this country?


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