Hook-A-Thon is a website is dedicated to supporting the men and women of Bravo Company, 214th Aviation Regiment - also known as the Hillclimbers - and their families. The regiment is currently depolyed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Hook-a-Thon hopes to raise funds for the regiment’s Family Readiness Group (FRG) through auctions of donated materials, sales of patriotic and military-themed magnets sold by the FRG, and donations. The first project they hope to help sponsor will be the regiment’s reunion party which will hopefully take place in spring, 2005. Here are a few words about that event from the regiment’s well-known 1st Sgt, Sgt. Hook :

"The [FRG] has reserved an MWR [Morale, Welfare, and Recreation] spot at Bellows Air Base on the windward side of Oahu where they have cabins and campsites for rent, large pavillions for BBQ and beer, volleyball, playground for the kids, stage for a band, rental beach equip (boogie boards, boats, etc.). Their idea was instead of a formal military ball which is the typical way we celebrate return from battle, to have a two day beach bash where folks can stay the night and enjoy the entire family. Gonna cost some money. It won’t be easy for some folks to reintegrate into their marriages and roles as parents after a year over here, this is certainly a good way to help these reunions to be positive ones."

Currently they have an auction up for a hand-painted "In God We Trust" sign. I know it would look nice in my living room and would match my Americana theme nicely but if anyone wants to outbid me, go right ahead. This seems like a wonderful cause and I'm all for supporting it.

The Hook-A-Thon website can be found here. Check back often and help them out!

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