No rest for the weary

I must have ticked the sleep gods off because sleep just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. Both kids are sick - nothing major...just colds (thank goodness Princess Trouble didn't come down with a massive chest infection like she usually does...the hospital on post couldn't get her in until NEXT week for an acute visit...great). But Little Man is NOT sleeping well - not that he ever does but now it's made worse by the fact that he can't breathe. Of course, the ONE night that The Husband gets up with him, the little stinker sleeps from midnight to 6am. On the nights when it is MY turn, he's up and down every other hour (and his big sister wakes up on the hours that he does not).

I tried to take a nap today - really, I did. Got both kids down for naps at the same time and crawled into bed. Little Man woke up 30 minutes after that - right as I had just drifted off. The Husband is now sick with the kids' cold (and you all know how it is when the man is sick...) so he was home from work, napping on the couch. Once he woke up (must be NICE to nap in the middle of the afternoon whenever one wants to) I handed Little Man off and tried, once again, to rack up some Z's. Nope. Grama decides to call and The Husband thought it was worth waking me up to talk to her. I give up! THIS is why I don't take naps during the day. Not only does it take me 30 minutes to fall asleep, it usually doesn't work and I just get frustrated. I'm better off sucking down a Coke, gutting it out for the rest of the day, and getting some things accomplished while the kids sleep.

Once again, it is my night to get up with the kids so I am anticipating little sleep yet again. This is why I now keep the fridge stocked with Coke. I'm not a coffee drinker so Coke it is.

In other news, Little Man has figured out how to pull himself up. Still doesn't have the crawling thing down 100% (it's more like the "worm" from the '80s) but he can now pull himself up to a standing position. God help us! He pulled himself up on big sister's step stool, crawled up on to it, and then promptly crawled OFF of it and landed on his head. And screamed. He does a LOT of that. Talked to a friend today on the phone and Little Man pretty much screamed through the entire conversation. Thankfully, she too has a little one and can relate. He's not in pain, he's not hungry, he's not uncomfortable. He is just VOCAL. And LOUD.

I called the hospital to get him a 6 month well-baby checkup. All of a sudden they are backed up beyond belief. When I took him in for his 4 month visit, there was no problem - got him an appointment that week. Now the lady tells me it will be September 15 before they can get me in. He'll be 7 months old by then. I LOVE managed care. Those of you who think that Hitlary's plan of Universal Health Care is a good idea...come experience Tricare for a while. If the government can't run military health care properly, what makes you think they will be able to run nationwide health care any better??? Tricare is what a friend of mine would call a "Charlie Foxtrot"...

That's all the news that is fit to print. Oh wait...I do have to report that the cutest thing I think I have EVER seen is a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds in tights and tutus. Princess Trouble has started her ballet/tumbling classes and it's absolutely ADORABLE! She's having a great time though and I love to see her thrive.

Ok - I'm off to scavenge a few minutes of sleep before the fun begins. Sleep is overrated...really...

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