Procrastination is my middle name

My BIL has a saying - "diamonds are made under pressure". Seems to be my motto these days!

I have 7 more 1-page papers to write, a "wellness plan" to formulate, a workbook to complete, a substance abuse prevention plan to outline, an interview to draw up questions for, and a take home final to answer and what am I doing? Looking for rental properties on the North Shore!

There is a post-wide yard sale this Saturday that I have decided to participate in (we DEFINITELY need to unload some stuff before we skip across the Pacific to Oahu, not to mention the money is always appreciated). Have I even gone to storage to get the yard sale stuff? Nope. But I know all there is to know about shipping my car to Hawaii (it's going to take 35 flipping days! ack!).

I need to get up off my @$$ and get some work done I suppose. More later...

BTW ~ I need to find a home for the kitties. We just can't take them with us - the trip would be entirely too traumatic for them not to mention the quarantine we would have to put them through. I just can't do it to them. I'd like to find them a non-military home but my main concern is to keep them together. They are brother and sister - 5 years old - wonderful kitties. I would hesitate to give them to a family who is bottle-feeding a baby - Sprite is QUITE the nipple huntress. So much so that I wound up forking out $500 to have the tip of one removed from her intestine last year. But she also hunts rodents quite well. And Fatty is the cuddler. If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested, please let me know. I HATE to give them up but I think it's better for them. Thanks. :(


49th...no 50th state...of confusion

So the Army is "transforming" itself. Aviation components are being mixed with infantry and field artillery components to make up more deployable units as opposed to bulky divisions of 1 branch or another. We knew this. We knew that our time here might be limited. But it was still a shock when The Husband came home a little over a week ago and told me that there had been a list posted at work and if you weren't on the list, you were not long for this duty station.

We weren't on the list.


Our "options" were : Fort Drum, Fort Hood, Hawaii, and Korea. The list-maker told the people who weren't on the list that now would be a good time to contact their branch managers and let them know what preferences they might have. Out of 4 "options" The Husband e-mailed a list of 12 different requests to include fixed wing school, a Huey slot, Fort Carson (Colorado), Fort Lewis (Washington), Alaska, and Hawaii. Last week, while we were on vacation in Alaska, he got an e-mail : "...do you want Alaska or Hawaii?"

Oh crap. Which to choose???

Alaska was (surprisingly) a good assignment. Better for him than for me but I enjoyed it and the longer I'm gone from Alaska, the more I miss it. But Hawaii...

After a few conversations with trusted friends in Alaska and some serious praying and pro and con weighing, we opted for Hawaii. So we've done the 49th state. Now we get to do the 50th. Bring on the sunscreen and flojos. Princess Trouble will trade ballet lessons for hula lessons and surfing lessons. Little Man will have fun destroying his sister's sand castles on the North Shore. We will get to experience a cost of living HIGHER than that from which we came (California). I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to paying $5 for a gallon of milk.

Seriously though, it's exciting although a bit disappointing. Where we are right now is so centrally located. We are within driving distance of so many friends and family members and now we will be thousands of miles away again. *sigh*

We move in about 5 months. There is so much to do between now and then, I cannot even list it all. I'm still not sure how we are supposed to function in Hawaii wihtout a car - it will take 5-10 weeks for our car to get to Hawaii. On post housing is a pip dream right now and I am SO not looking forward to living in temp lodging AGAIN. But we get to stay here through the holidays. We get to experience a Middle South fall and winter. We get to see family and friends for the holidays. Thank goodness.

I am fighting my OCD tendencies big time right now. I cannot tell you how hard it is for me to *know* where I am headed but not have orders yet, not have a solid timeframe, and not be able to PLAN THE HECK OUT OF THIS MOVE. I'll get over it.

So, aloha everyone. Surf's up!


Three years ago today

Time flies when you're having fun! Three years ago today, I was rocking in the rocking chair, breathing through my contractions and trying to figure out when to go to the hospital. A few hours later (ok, 14 hours later) I had my beautiful baby girl and the fun really began!

I am amazed on a daily basis at how much she has grown and changed. But she's still the same strong, independent, self-assured little girl that she has always been. And I love her.

Three years...wow.


I'm a college student...again

As if SEVEN years wasn't enough the first time around...

I am now registered to take 8 credits via Distance Education. I am working on getting enough Health Education courses to secure a Health Education credential when I decide to head back to the classroom in a few years. This term I am taking "LIfestyle Behavior and Health" and "Alcohol and Drug Abuse : Prevention".

In the winter, I'll take :
"Nutrition" and "Community and Social Skills for Healthy Living".

In the spring, I'll take :
"Nutrition and Sport Performance" and "Physical Activity in Disease Prevention".

Now all I need to do is get the financial aid office to lift the transfer evaluation hold I have on my file and find out what (if any) financial aid I'll be offered. I am applying for several scholarships but because I'm getting into the game so late, I don't plan to see anything come of that until next fall. That's ok.

Now the fun begins in trying to track down used textbooks. I HATE paying for new ones. I'm hoping that the required texts are not brand new editions and that I can find them on amazon.com or eBay or something like that. If not, I'll be adding textbooks to my Christmas wish list.

In other news :

Took Little Man for his 6 month well baby visit. He weighs 17.5 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. He is crawling (sort of - W calls it "oonching" which is an appropriate term), pulling up to stand, fearless, and a daredevil. Princess Trouble got Lincoln Logs for her birthday from Uncle K. They come in a big metal can. Little Man likes to knock the can on its side and then roll on top of it. He pushes off hard enough to roll OVER it and land on his face on the other side - ON PURPOSE! Crazy baby! I love it! He FINALLY has cut one tooth through and the other is *right* there. It now hurts when he bites.

Princess Trouble started preschool Wednesday. She's going to a First Baptist preschool downtown. I like the religious backing and I like that it's not just military kids there. Plus, the preschool here on post is still up in the air and they can't seem to get their ducks in a row in terms of when it will start or where it will be held (the building they used last year has been torn down and the new building isn't complete yet). The director had the audacity to tell me "Enroll her in the off-post preschool and then, when we finally open, pull her out of the off-post school and put her in ours." Um, NO. You don't INTENTIONALLY upheave a 3 year old's world like that. That comment alone was enough to confirm my choice to keep her enrolled in the First Baptist program. She enjoyed her first day although she had some trouble sharing and got in trouble for pushing (to defend her toy that she didn't want to share). We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Nothing much going on this weekend. Just gearing up for our Alaska adventure and I plan to take some time on Saturday to reflect on the anniversary. It's been 3 years but the wounds are still quite raw.




I have been wanting to put my feelings about this down on "paper" for a while but could not organize my thoughts into anything coherent. I'm not sure I ever will be able to.

What happened in Beslan - the massacre of children and adults by terrorists at a school - is beyond comprehension. As a teacher and a parent, I literally cannot fathom the horror of what went on there. The idea of being placed in the shoes of those parents makes me sick to my stomach.

Stan over at Logic & Sanity has the most comprehensive and up to date coverage of it all. Some of it is too much to look at, let alone bear. However, I believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY should see it all - for this horror could very easily show up on our doorstep next. Don't think that it won't happen - it's just a matter of time.

There has been an on-going debate on a forum I post at as to which is more important - national security/war on terrorism or domestic issues such as education and health care. If you ask me, a good education and access to the right kind of cholesterol-lowering drugs isn't going to matter one iota if the people who wish to wipe America off the face of the planet succeed, even on a small scale.

The slaughter in Beslan wakes up the "mama bear" in me. I hope it wakes up the rest of the world. This is not something we can just sit back and wax poetic about. We cannot just rattle our sabers on this one. These people, those who backed them, and those who wish to follow in their footsteps, must be found and exterminated. Immediately. And without remorse.

The blame should not fall to the Russians on this one - even though I personally have to question their tactics in handling the situation. The blame for this rests solely upon the shoulders of the people who did this - the terrorists. They are not "extremists", "radicals", "hostage-takers", or any other pansy-ass/avoid-calling-a-spade-a-spade/God-forbid-we-say-the-word-terrorist-on-TV innuendo the networks can come up with. If we really want to call them what they are, "baby-killer", "mother-murderer", or "inhuman beasts" would be appropriate. THEY are the ones to blame for this. No one else.

Find them and end them. ALL of them.

Should you want to help : Beslan Relief

I'm sure I will post more about this before all is said and done. I hope some of this made sense amongst my black rage.


From CrushKerry.com and


we get this quote :

"I thank you for the gift, but I can't take it to the debate with me."
after John sKerry had received a rifle from Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America.


Comments like that will get a person locked up quickly...but that's where John sKerry should be anyway...


Back to square one...

The skin I had (the blue stars) was not cooperating and I couldn't figure out how to enable comments, trackbacks, etc. So we're back to square one. I'm still on the lookout for a skin that meets my needs - something with a patriotic bent that allows for comments/trackbacks/etc. as well as a place to list other blogs, profile info, etc. I'll find something soon enough. In the meantime, we're back with the tried-and-true.

The long weekend was deliciously boring, lazy, and uneventful. Just the way I like it. Actually, we had guests - The Husband's brother, otherwise known as K, and my good friend W both came up for the weekend. We BBQ'd with some friends and their kids on Saturday and did cake and ice cream for Princess Trouble who will be turning 3 in a little less than 2 weeks. All of the chaos that goes along with our slice of Domestic Tranquility was a little much for K but it was so wonderful having him here. He's a blast to be around - smart, funny. It's nice that he is on THIS side of the pond for a bit. His next assignment has him heading to Europe next year. And W loves my kids almost as if they were her own and I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. Being far apart from immediate family is rough - whether you have kids or not. But to have such wonderful friends who don't hesitate to come and visit whenever they have time is a blessing.

Princess Trouble starts preschool this week. The Husband and I trekked downtown to the Open House at her school to meet her teachers and the kids in her class. I'm so excited for her. She went to a preschool in Alabama last year for 1/2 of the year and had a great time. I'm hoping she enjoys it as much this year. She's getting so big...

Little Man is FINALLY cutting teeth. He's been teething like a madman for the past 3 months or so and we can finally see 2 teeth below the gumline on his bottom jaw. While I'm thrilled, I'm sure it's going to hurt like hell the first time he chomps down on my finger with them. The poor cats don't know what's coming - he likes to grab their tails and chomp...hehe

This week promises to be another exciting one...preschool starts, errands need to be run, laundry needs to be done. I'm telling you...the excitement is OVERWHELMING! ta ta for now!


Zell for President!!!

I have to say...I love Zell Miller. My friend Shannon turned me on to him a little over a year ago. I have read his book, A National Party No More : Conscience of a Conservative Democrat and really appreciated everything he had to say. I agree with him 110% that the Democratic party has become barely a shadow of what they once were and it is sad.

I looked forward to Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention all week long and boy, he did not disappoint. My neck is sore from nodding in agreement so much. My cheeks hurt from laughing at the "spitball" comment and my eyebrows hurt from being raised so often and asking The Husband, "did he ACTUALLY say that?!?!"

John sKerry said "Bring it on!" and boy, did they. Many of the anti-Bush blogs I have been reading today (yes, I DO read blogs that I disagree with...) have said that Miller's speech would alienate most moderate Republicans and swing voters and that it was filled with lies and anger. The anger part I will agree with - yes, he is angry and it's justified. He's angry that the Democrats have become so wrapped up in themselves that they no longer care about what is RIGHT for this country. They have moved so far away from what the Democratic party used to be that they are no longer recognizeable. But lies? That's a shady one. On one hand, sKerry has voted against just about every weapon system out there. AND he voted against the $87 billion requested by the Bush administration to help fund the rebuilding of Iraq. sKerry's record on defense is deplorable and indefensible. But voting records are not always as clear-cut as you might think. Often times, a bill is so ladden with pork that it is almost impossible to vote FOR the original item because the bill itself is so outrageously full of pork. I understand that. And with regard to the vote on the $87 billion, I had problems with that one too - I thought (and still think) that Iraq should have shouldered at least part of the burden of that funding. HOWEVER, the men and women we have fighting over in the Litter Box are far too important to let money stand in the way of their success or their safety. So, as skeptical as I am about voting records, I still have to agree with Zell on this one. I don't think he lied, as Andrew Sullivan would have you believe - I think he spun. Something that BOTH sides are good at.

I think, all in all, Miller's speech was a huge success. I think it lit a fire under the Republican party. I know it lit a fire under me. I'm not thrilled with EITHER major party but, given my options this year, I know where my vote will be going.

And at first, I wondered about the intelligence of having Dick Cheney follow Zell Miller's speech but his calm, measured demeanor was a nice balance against Miller's forcefullness. Made him look "Presidential" which was good.

I am sad to see Zell Miller leave public office. Wonder if he'll run for President in 2008...I almost 1/2 expected Cheney to respectfully decline the VP nomination and ask Miller to take his spot instead right there on the stage. Boy, would THAT make for an interesting ticket - Bush/Miller 2004...hehe


New Skin!

I've uploaded a new skin - thanks to my friend Heather for her help in figuring out the font issues and for helping me eliminate the darned clock-thingy that rotated around the cursor.

This new skin currently doesn't have comments capability - I'm working on it. Also, if you're trying to view this blog in Opera, the blog font may be a light blue against a white background - kind of tough to see. Try viewing it in either IE or Netscape. Sorry. Opera doesn't always get along with everything.

I'll be playing with it a bit more over the next few days so if you encounter problems, drop me an e-mail and let me know! I'll do my best to fumble around and fix them.

Not much going on here. I've FINALLY managed to get both kids napping at the same time in the afternoon (Halleujah!) and Little Man is getting better about sleeping at night - last night was kind of tough but the 3 nights prior were good. I'll take it. Princess Trouble starts preschool next week - we go for an orientation Friday. I am so excited for her! She will be 3 in a few weeks and this weekend we are having some friends over for a BBQ and cake and ice cream - nothing big. I'm torn between getting her a bike or getting her this collecton of princess dresses to play dress up with. It's just a matter of which one to give her for her birthday vs. which one to give her for Christmas. I'm leaning toward the bike at Christmas - just looks better under the tree. We'll see.

That's all the news that is fit to print. I'm looking forward to listening to Dick Cheney and Zell Miller tonight at the RNC. Ahnold didn't do much for me last night but it is always nice to hear Laura Bush speak.

I'm off to devour some animal cookies!


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