Back to square one...

The skin I had (the blue stars) was not cooperating and I couldn't figure out how to enable comments, trackbacks, etc. So we're back to square one. I'm still on the lookout for a skin that meets my needs - something with a patriotic bent that allows for comments/trackbacks/etc. as well as a place to list other blogs, profile info, etc. I'll find something soon enough. In the meantime, we're back with the tried-and-true.

The long weekend was deliciously boring, lazy, and uneventful. Just the way I like it. Actually, we had guests - The Husband's brother, otherwise known as K, and my good friend W both came up for the weekend. We BBQ'd with some friends and their kids on Saturday and did cake and ice cream for Princess Trouble who will be turning 3 in a little less than 2 weeks. All of the chaos that goes along with our slice of Domestic Tranquility was a little much for K but it was so wonderful having him here. He's a blast to be around - smart, funny. It's nice that he is on THIS side of the pond for a bit. His next assignment has him heading to Europe next year. And W loves my kids almost as if they were her own and I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. Being far apart from immediate family is rough - whether you have kids or not. But to have such wonderful friends who don't hesitate to come and visit whenever they have time is a blessing.

Princess Trouble starts preschool this week. The Husband and I trekked downtown to the Open House at her school to meet her teachers and the kids in her class. I'm so excited for her. She went to a preschool in Alabama last year for 1/2 of the year and had a great time. I'm hoping she enjoys it as much this year. She's getting so big...

Little Man is FINALLY cutting teeth. He's been teething like a madman for the past 3 months or so and we can finally see 2 teeth below the gumline on his bottom jaw. While I'm thrilled, I'm sure it's going to hurt like hell the first time he chomps down on my finger with them. The poor cats don't know what's coming - he likes to grab their tails and chomp...hehe

This week promises to be another exciting one...preschool starts, errands need to be run, laundry needs to be done. I'm telling you...the excitement is OVERWHELMING! ta ta for now!

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