I have been wanting to put my feelings about this down on "paper" for a while but could not organize my thoughts into anything coherent. I'm not sure I ever will be able to.

What happened in Beslan - the massacre of children and adults by terrorists at a school - is beyond comprehension. As a teacher and a parent, I literally cannot fathom the horror of what went on there. The idea of being placed in the shoes of those parents makes me sick to my stomach.

Stan over at Logic & Sanity has the most comprehensive and up to date coverage of it all. Some of it is too much to look at, let alone bear. However, I believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY should see it all - for this horror could very easily show up on our doorstep next. Don't think that it won't happen - it's just a matter of time.

There has been an on-going debate on a forum I post at as to which is more important - national security/war on terrorism or domestic issues such as education and health care. If you ask me, a good education and access to the right kind of cholesterol-lowering drugs isn't going to matter one iota if the people who wish to wipe America off the face of the planet succeed, even on a small scale.

The slaughter in Beslan wakes up the "mama bear" in me. I hope it wakes up the rest of the world. This is not something we can just sit back and wax poetic about. We cannot just rattle our sabers on this one. These people, those who backed them, and those who wish to follow in their footsteps, must be found and exterminated. Immediately. And without remorse.

The blame should not fall to the Russians on this one - even though I personally have to question their tactics in handling the situation. The blame for this rests solely upon the shoulders of the people who did this - the terrorists. They are not "extremists", "radicals", "hostage-takers", or any other pansy-ass/avoid-calling-a-spade-a-spade/God-forbid-we-say-the-word-terrorist-on-TV innuendo the networks can come up with. If we really want to call them what they are, "baby-killer", "mother-murderer", or "inhuman beasts" would be appropriate. THEY are the ones to blame for this. No one else.

Find them and end them. ALL of them.

Should you want to help : Beslan Relief

I'm sure I will post more about this before all is said and done. I hope some of this made sense amongst my black rage.


barks said...

you are EXACTLY right; quit pussyfooting around and calling them "terrorists", "extremists", etc., call them what they are "murderous bastards"; and don't tell me that they will wind up with Allah!!!!! if Allah condones the killing of innocents of any kind, but especially children, then he's not a very loving figure!!!

they have said they are doing it in the name of Allah; they are doing it because they want to rule the world, and anyone that doesn't realize and understand this is living like and ostrich, with their head buried in the sand.

when you have a rabid dog running the streets of your town/world killing people, you shoot it. the same holds true of rabid human beings. and speaking of that, they should do the same thing with Muqtada alSadr; you can't negotiate with rabid creatures!!!!!

graycat74 said...

The Russian government actually took the extended family members of the terrorists into custody when they found out what was going on and there are rumors of physical violence against these extended family members. They rounded up the whole family of the terrorists, everyone they could find, babies and all. What I don't understand, is why they let them go when all was said and done? Perhaps they should be held socially responsible...maybe that will help.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the slaughter at Beslan has awakened the "mama bear" in mother Russia and led her to victory against these transcaucasian savages.


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