I'm a college student...again

As if SEVEN years wasn't enough the first time around...

I am now registered to take 8 credits via Distance Education. I am working on getting enough Health Education courses to secure a Health Education credential when I decide to head back to the classroom in a few years. This term I am taking "LIfestyle Behavior and Health" and "Alcohol and Drug Abuse : Prevention".

In the winter, I'll take :
"Nutrition" and "Community and Social Skills for Healthy Living".

In the spring, I'll take :
"Nutrition and Sport Performance" and "Physical Activity in Disease Prevention".

Now all I need to do is get the financial aid office to lift the transfer evaluation hold I have on my file and find out what (if any) financial aid I'll be offered. I am applying for several scholarships but because I'm getting into the game so late, I don't plan to see anything come of that until next fall. That's ok.

Now the fun begins in trying to track down used textbooks. I HATE paying for new ones. I'm hoping that the required texts are not brand new editions and that I can find them on amazon.com or eBay or something like that. If not, I'll be adding textbooks to my Christmas wish list.

In other news :

Took Little Man for his 6 month well baby visit. He weighs 17.5 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. He is crawling (sort of - W calls it "oonching" which is an appropriate term), pulling up to stand, fearless, and a daredevil. Princess Trouble got Lincoln Logs for her birthday from Uncle K. They come in a big metal can. Little Man likes to knock the can on its side and then roll on top of it. He pushes off hard enough to roll OVER it and land on his face on the other side - ON PURPOSE! Crazy baby! I love it! He FINALLY has cut one tooth through and the other is *right* there. It now hurts when he bites.

Princess Trouble started preschool Wednesday. She's going to a First Baptist preschool downtown. I like the religious backing and I like that it's not just military kids there. Plus, the preschool here on post is still up in the air and they can't seem to get their ducks in a row in terms of when it will start or where it will be held (the building they used last year has been torn down and the new building isn't complete yet). The director had the audacity to tell me "Enroll her in the off-post preschool and then, when we finally open, pull her out of the off-post school and put her in ours." Um, NO. You don't INTENTIONALLY upheave a 3 year old's world like that. That comment alone was enough to confirm my choice to keep her enrolled in the First Baptist program. She enjoyed her first day although she had some trouble sharing and got in trouble for pushing (to defend her toy that she didn't want to share). We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Nothing much going on this weekend. Just gearing up for our Alaska adventure and I plan to take some time on Saturday to reflect on the anniversary. It's been 3 years but the wounds are still quite raw.


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HouseofHeather said...

Can I just say those things are the bane of my existence (this week). Logan got some for Christmas last year, and Matthew is just now figuring out how much fun they can be...and just how frustrating.

We build a "garage" for his cars. And as soon as he *breaths* on it, it falls over. And he screams...I'm gonna be deaf by 30


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