Procrastination is my middle name

My BIL has a saying - "diamonds are made under pressure". Seems to be my motto these days!

I have 7 more 1-page papers to write, a "wellness plan" to formulate, a workbook to complete, a substance abuse prevention plan to outline, an interview to draw up questions for, and a take home final to answer and what am I doing? Looking for rental properties on the North Shore!

There is a post-wide yard sale this Saturday that I have decided to participate in (we DEFINITELY need to unload some stuff before we skip across the Pacific to Oahu, not to mention the money is always appreciated). Have I even gone to storage to get the yard sale stuff? Nope. But I know all there is to know about shipping my car to Hawaii (it's going to take 35 flipping days! ack!).

I need to get up off my @$$ and get some work done I suppose. More later...

BTW ~ I need to find a home for the kitties. We just can't take them with us - the trip would be entirely too traumatic for them not to mention the quarantine we would have to put them through. I just can't do it to them. I'd like to find them a non-military home but my main concern is to keep them together. They are brother and sister - 5 years old - wonderful kitties. I would hesitate to give them to a family who is bottle-feeding a baby - Sprite is QUITE the nipple huntress. So much so that I wound up forking out $500 to have the tip of one removed from her intestine last year. But she also hunts rodents quite well. And Fatty is the cuddler. If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested, please let me know. I HATE to give them up but I think it's better for them. Thanks. :(


Shannon said...

You know the quarantine is not for six months anymore right? You also get a pet quarantine reimbursement not to exceed $275.00 that would offset some of the costs.

Just thought I'd toss that out there in case you didn't know ;). I can imagine it's got to be hard to have to think of giving your kitties away :(.

Good luck with your move!!!!

Haole Girl said...

They've actually changed the reimbursement amount - it's now $550 per household. It helps some, but doesn't really put a dent in the costs of getting a pet here (plane tickets, vet fees, etc.).

I can only imagine how hard it will be to put them in new homes, but after bringing a pet here I can honestly say I'd never do it again. Even without considering the financial stuff, we had soooo many pet-related problems on our move. It's sad, but I wouldn't recommend anyone bring a pet over.

Shannon said...

I don't think it's suppose to reimburse for getting the pets there, just help reduce the fees associated with the quarantine situation in places that have that.

Homefront Six said...

I knew the reimbursement was $550 and I can doa 5 day quarantine with them rather than the longer one. But between the costs ($550 would cover less than 1/2 of the costs associated with getting them over there) and the trauma of the trip over, I just can't see doing it. The move from Alaska to Alabama was SO hard on them. I just hate to do that to them again. At the same time, I hate the idea of giving them up but I think it's for the best. Thanks.


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