Three years ago today

Time flies when you're having fun! Three years ago today, I was rocking in the rocking chair, breathing through my contractions and trying to figure out when to go to the hospital. A few hours later (ok, 14 hours later) I had my beautiful baby girl and the fun really began!

I am amazed on a daily basis at how much she has grown and changed. But she's still the same strong, independent, self-assured little girl that she has always been. And I love her.

Three years...wow.


Gail said...

Happy Birthday to Princess Trouble!

Ranta Lot said...

Congratulations and happy B-day to your precious little girl. Enjoy her now because she will grow up and you will hardly know it. I know people always say that. People said that to me. And now mine is mostly grown up (17 years old, almost 18 and DYING to leave home!)


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