Zell for President!!!

I have to say...I love Zell Miller. My friend Shannon turned me on to him a little over a year ago. I have read his book, A National Party No More : Conscience of a Conservative Democrat and really appreciated everything he had to say. I agree with him 110% that the Democratic party has become barely a shadow of what they once were and it is sad.

I looked forward to Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention all week long and boy, he did not disappoint. My neck is sore from nodding in agreement so much. My cheeks hurt from laughing at the "spitball" comment and my eyebrows hurt from being raised so often and asking The Husband, "did he ACTUALLY say that?!?!"

John sKerry said "Bring it on!" and boy, did they. Many of the anti-Bush blogs I have been reading today (yes, I DO read blogs that I disagree with...) have said that Miller's speech would alienate most moderate Republicans and swing voters and that it was filled with lies and anger. The anger part I will agree with - yes, he is angry and it's justified. He's angry that the Democrats have become so wrapped up in themselves that they no longer care about what is RIGHT for this country. They have moved so far away from what the Democratic party used to be that they are no longer recognizeable. But lies? That's a shady one. On one hand, sKerry has voted against just about every weapon system out there. AND he voted against the $87 billion requested by the Bush administration to help fund the rebuilding of Iraq. sKerry's record on defense is deplorable and indefensible. But voting records are not always as clear-cut as you might think. Often times, a bill is so ladden with pork that it is almost impossible to vote FOR the original item because the bill itself is so outrageously full of pork. I understand that. And with regard to the vote on the $87 billion, I had problems with that one too - I thought (and still think) that Iraq should have shouldered at least part of the burden of that funding. HOWEVER, the men and women we have fighting over in the Litter Box are far too important to let money stand in the way of their success or their safety. So, as skeptical as I am about voting records, I still have to agree with Zell on this one. I don't think he lied, as Andrew Sullivan would have you believe - I think he spun. Something that BOTH sides are good at.

I think, all in all, Miller's speech was a huge success. I think it lit a fire under the Republican party. I know it lit a fire under me. I'm not thrilled with EITHER major party but, given my options this year, I know where my vote will be going.

And at first, I wondered about the intelligence of having Dick Cheney follow Zell Miller's speech but his calm, measured demeanor was a nice balance against Miller's forcefullness. Made him look "Presidential" which was good.

I am sad to see Zell Miller leave public office. Wonder if he'll run for President in 2008...I almost 1/2 expected Cheney to respectfully decline the VP nomination and ask Miller to take his spot instead right there on the stage. Boy, would THAT make for an interesting ticket - Bush/Miller 2004...hehe

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