The Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Princess Trouble and I drove down to Atlanta this weekend. Left Little Man with The Husband. Friends of ours had 2 extra tickets on the Autumn Leaf Special that weren't being used (more about that in a moment) so they invited us. It was a nice ride but we were about 2 weeks early to really catch the change of color in the trees properly. And the town that we stopped in, Summerville, wasn't anything exciting or even really interesting. But we rode in an old Pullman car (Marilyn Monroe rode in it once) and had lunch in the dining car and Princess Trouble made all SORTS of new friends! It was a nice trip.

I've found that the trip between our house and Atlanta goes a lot faster at 90 miles per hour. And for those of you gasping in horror at that speed, I was merely keeping up with the flow of traffic! Even the cop in front of me was cruising at about 80 mph. My wonderful Nissan Pathfinder (gosh, I love that car!) topped 150,000 miles on this trip and is still averaging between 15 and 20 miles per gallon on the highway. Not bad for an 11 year old car. It needs work but it's a good one! Of course, now that I've said that, the transmission will go out on me...

Some more prayers are needed. The extra tickets for the train ride were available to us because my friend's husband's mother is dying of breast cancer. The tickets were bought a few months ago before her disease set back in. It has been a fast decline and she most likely will not live to see next weekend. She is young - in her 50's - and has been fighting this illness for 3 years. My friend and her husband are grief-stricken. They could use your prayers.

I have to give it to Princess Trouble - she did WONDERFULLY on this trip. It was a pleasure to travel with her. She was well-behaved, didn't get sick (a first!), remembered her manners, slept in the car and on the train (Wen - thanks for the trick!), played well with others, and didn't do much to drive me crazy (most of you know this is a short trip for me!).

We're heading to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow and then dance class. I'm on a mission to start weeding out our stuff (again - didn't I *just* do this???) in preparation for our move. I know it's a ways off but with the holidays coming and family/friends coming to visit, I'm feeling the urge to purge. I have eBay acutions to prep and papers to write. I got A's on my first 3 papers!!! Woohoo!

I'm off to eat homemade vegetable beef soup and bathe my kiddos!

' night!

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