He's safe...and an update from us

My friend's husband made it back to his camp earlier this week and was able to not only IM his wife but call her - live and in person - later that evening. He is ok. I am truly thankful. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts.

A little update on us...

Princess Trouble picked up Little Man's cold and she has a tendency for her colds to go directly to her chest. So when she developed a nasty cough and a low grade temp, off to the doc we went. In listening to her chest to see if she had bronchitis, they discovered a heart murmur. Actually "discovered" isn't the right word - "verified" would be. It had been mentioned before, during check ups, that they thought they heard one but could never hear it twice. Because fevers tend to make murmurs more pronounced, her fever made it possible for the docs to hear it repeatedly this time around. We're pretty sure it's a benign murmur - otherwise it would have presented a while ago and we would have seen evidence of it - blue around her lips, failure to thrive, etc. As we have not seen any of that, we're assuming it's an innocent murmur. However, just to cover bases and have it in her medical records, we will be meting with a pediatric cardiologist in the next month or so for an evaluation and an EKG (they've already done a chest x-ray). I'm really not worried - ok, a little - but we could always use a few extra prayers.

Little Man is *this* close to walking - GOD HELP US. He's been able to let go of whatever he was holding on to and stand momentarily so I believe it's only a matter of weeks before he's toddling after his sister. The cries of "He's TOUCHING me!" have already begun...

No orders to Hawaii yet but another guy in The Husband's unit who is also headed there got his orders yesterday. He has a report date of 01Mar so I am assuming that will hold true for us as well. Time to start planning - we have to ship the car, sell The Husband's car, plan our visit to SoCal, find a home for the kitties, have another yard sale, and start stocking up on shorts and sunscreen. I am STILL trying to wrap my brain around the concept of moving again so soon.

School is going. I'm 2/3 of the way through the 1-page position papers I have to write. I have 3 left. I still need to finish up my "Personal Wellness Plan" and my take home final as well as do the work for the other class - a workbook and designing a substance abuse prevention program to address 1 or 2 risk factors in the high school community. My hope is to have all of this done before my family gets here for Thanksgiving.

With regard to politics, The Husband and I have been watching the debates. My decision is already made in terms of who I plan to vote for and most of you know me well enough to know who I will vote for. Watching the debates has been an exercise in self-control and a TOUGH one at that. It drives me CRAZY to listen to the Kerry/Edwards ticket take 2/3 of their time answering a question to criticize the Bush administration policies. Here's a pointer...we already know that you disagree with the Bush administration and their policies. Why else would you be running AGAINST them? ANSWER THE FLIPPING QUESTION! Don't just tell us that you would do it better...tell us HOW. Details! Kerry/Edwards say they can "do it better" in Iraq. HOW? Kerry/Edwards say they can improve health care and the cost of it. HOW??? I have yet to hear 1 detail!

Those of you who plan to vote for Senator Kerry because you want to vote AGAINST Bush, do me a favor and THINK before you do that. I have no problem with someone voting for someone other than President Bush. But to waste your vote on a man like John Kerry is pointless. WRITE SOMEONE ELSE IN. Don't just vote for that which is not Bush - make your vote count and write in someone whom YOU believe would do a good job running this country. To waste your vote on someone who would have this country on its knees in front of the UN begging permission to defend itself and its interests not only boggles my mind but makes me sick as well.

I've said my piece and I'll step down off my soapbox for the time being. I apologize for the delay in posting - I'm finding it hard to eek out a moment to sit down to write papers, let alone blog. I'll try to do better. I promise...


Ranta Lot said...

In regards to the debates and your thoughts:

Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen and AMEN!

And as one of the many who sent up some prayers, I'm thankful all is well with your friend's husband.

Gail said...

Lia, I couldn't agree more with you on the debate.

Prayers for healthy kids being sent out. Nothing worse then sick little ones with a little extra on it for princess trouble!

I was so relieve that Cameron’s daddy was safe.


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