I think I'm going to change her name...

...from Princess Trouble to Princess Iwant. As in "I want juice!" or "I want a snack!" or "I want to go to the zoo!" Between the demands and the 264 (yes, I counted) questions that she asked me in an HOUR, I was about bald from pulling my hair out. Is it Friday yet??? I realize she's 3 and that asking so many questions is a sign of intelligence but man, she's killing me. I don't think I had a thought of my own today. We'll see how tomorrow goes (there was no school Monday but there is tomorrow...thank GOODNESS!) but if she has a repeat of today, she may get a new moniker.

I do have a funny story though. After the train ride last weekend, we stopped for dinner at one of the MANY Cracker Barrels along I-75. Princess Trouble orders the grilled cheese (girl after my own heart). As we're waiting for our food, my friend leans over and asks her if she's getting freckles like her mommy. Princess Trouble frowns and with this look on her face as if to say, "well, DUH" answers, "NO...I'm getting the GRILLED CHEESE!". They are SO literal at this age.

Ok - time to hit the sack. I'd do homework but my brain fell out after question 231 this afternoon and I haven't put it back in yet.


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