Joh Kerry should be in jail

For lying to Congress or for being a war criminal, not to mention for treason (giving aid and comfort to the enemy). But hey, what do *I* know?

Got an e-mail from my friend Jay whose father is one of the SwiftVets. Worth a read...

This is a copy of the letter I sent to all the television stations that agreed
to air the documentary on Kerry's anti-war activities during Vietnam. The
stations are being flooded with letters from angry Kerry supporters trying to
suppress this footage from getting out to the electorate.

"The documentary vividly portrays the impact of John Kerry's false testimony and
statements about the Vietnam War. As brave soldiers endured torture, starvation
and death behind enemy lines, Kerry accused them of war crimes and actively
sought to discredit everything they fought for."

Pass the message on...the following e-mail is from the Swift Boat Veterans and
POWs for Truth, the eyewitnesses to Kerry's malfeasances. Thanks.


Dear sir or madam:

I am an Army intelligence officer just returned from assignment in Iraq with 4th
Infantry Division. I am the son of a swift boat skipper who served alongside
John Kerry in Vietnam. When my father's boat hit a mine, John Kerry fled and
left my father to die. When John Kerry petitioned and fled Vietnam by way of
the 3-Heart Loophole, he left the Swiftees behind again. When he stood before
Congress and accused his "band of brothers" of unspeakable war crimes, he spat
on them. Worse, when confronted by John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett show, he
couldn't name one person or one incident in which he had witnessed a war
crime...he had just made them up to make his anti-war point. John Kerry further
repudiated his country by meeting with communist officials in Paris to advocate
their position to the US government, an wholly forbidden for it constitutes
treason; exacerbated by the fact he was still a commissioned officer in the
United States Navy and was held to a higher ethical and moral standard to support and defend the Constitution. An action tantamount to meeting with Al-Qa'ida lieutenants to speak on their behalf against the American People while the World Trade Center burns.

I am proud that the story is being heard. The documentary, which features my
father among other Vietnam veterans of the US Navy, uses John Kerry's own
testimony as the basis of the film and speaks only the truth as it has been
recorded. It is this testimony which, when shown to American POWs by their
North Vietnamese captors, brought lurid torture and horrific suffering upon the
very men who fought for Kerry's right to free speech.

Thank you for your decision to air the documentary. You are not only honoring
the fallen patriots who have fought for America, but also the countless others
who fall today. Americans have a right to know who they're voting for and what
the candidates have done for--and against--their country. Please do not back
down or cower in the face of adversity. The mainstream media rejects the sworn
testimony of 265 officers and sailors who served around Kerry in all levels of
the chain of command, but avers the statements of a scant few--most of whom are
already on the Kerry/Edwards payroll--are the ones that count. Thank you for
letting the rest be heard.

J.C. Hildreth

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