So, JoJo, what did you learn today?

I'm on the phone with my friend last night and we're discussing Princess Trouble's potty training. It had been stalled for a bit but we seemed to have jump-started it again with a sticker chart - once she gets 7 stickers (a sticker is given at the end of the day if she uses the potty and not her PullUp), she gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. I'm telling my friend how, when she is sans PullUp/underwear/training pants, she has never, EVER had an accident.

JUST as I finished getting the statement out of my mouth, Princess Trouble PEES in the dead center of my rug.

THAT will teach me to keep my big mouth SHUT.

From the bathroom, where The Husband was bathing Little Man I hear, "So, JoJo, what have you learned today?".

For those of you who do not know who JoJo is...she's the lead character from the kids' show "JoJo's Circus" on Disney Channel. At the end of each episode, JoJo is asked what she learned today - kind of a moral gut-check if you will.

So, what did I learn? To keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT. And to harrass my daughter more about using the potty.

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HouseofHeather said...

I do the SAME thing!
I was telling my mom that Matthew never has an accident outside of the house. He never has accidents at school or at the store or at other people's houses.
Then 2 weeks ago he pooped his pants (no pullups on because he had never had an accident before) at my brother's house. OY!

Matthew loves Jo-Jo :)


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