They found him

Shannon posted today. They found him. Thanks for all of your help. The family could definitely use some prayers. Thanks.

I wanted to thank you all for the prayers for our friend Keith. Mother just called. His son and son-in-law found him this morning in Commerce, GA. From what they can gather, he'd stopped to rest and passed away in his sleep. His truck was locked, so after breaking in, they found him in the back area where they can lie down I guess.

If you could keep his son and daughter in your prayers I'd really appreciate it. They've suffered such loss through the years and this is just another blow to them. Their older brother died in the late 80s in a vehicle accident. Their Mother (Keith's wife) could never come to terms with the loss of her grown son and committed suicide in the early 90s. And now they've lost their father unexpectedly.

We're all so heartbroken by the loss of this great man, but his children...we're just so worried about them. Please keep them in your prayers if you can - that they can find peace and that all of us who love them can adequately support them during their time of grief.

Thank you all again for the prayers and for the help so many of you offered through email and PMs. I cannot tell you how much we all appreciated the effort of so many to get the word out to people in the area. Truly, thank you for caring and for helping us.

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