I used to have an immune system

The kids are sick. Nothing new there. I was hoping to avoid catching it - I've done so in the past...once or twice. Not this time. Feels like I swallowed a ball of barbed wire. Can I tell you how pleasant that is? Why is it that every flipping cold I get attacks my throat. Along with my throat hurting, I have lost my voice...again. Lost it when we moved from Alabama too - all of 5 months ago. Since I turned 18 (lost my voice on my 18th birthday too) I have lost my voice on average once a year. Seems like every cold I get heads straight to my throat. Better than what it does to Princess Trouble I suppose. Every cold she gets goes right to her chest. Still, it's getting kind of old.

Didn't stop me from cleaning the house though. The floors here are linoleum. Have I mentioned how much I hate linoleum? Can't stand it. Not only is it hard on my kids' heads when they fall, it is easily dirtied, hard to keep clean, and - because the Army is insistent on using the lowest bidder - crappy. Just like our dishwaster...I mean dishwasher. P.O.S. let me tell you. I'm beginning to think my parents have the right idea - their dishwasher died on them years back and they just didn't fix it. I hate to unload the thing and having to wash my dishes BEFORE I put them in the dishwasher and then have to run them through the stupid thing AGAIN is a waste of time, water, and my sanity (of which there is precious little left).

It dawned on me today - as I attempted to be quick at the commissary and just pick up a few things - that Thanksgiving is only a week or so away. I couldn't figure out why the commissary was so busy. Then I looked at the calendar when I got home and realized that there are only 9 days until Thanksgiving. Ack! That's why I was scrubbing the floors today. I have a "TO DO" list and it's longer than Princess Trouble's wish list to Santa so I need to get hopping on that.

I suppose that means I should get off my hiney and get to it. Eh, I'll wait til tomorrow.

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barks said...

today was my day off; i did laundry, got room ready for my mom; wrapped the few gifts we've bought so far; put the Norfolk Pines together in front of the big front window and decorated them.

now i don't have much to do but bake a pie before next Wednesday; and work till then.

BUT, i do get to see my mom, my kids (i consider the SIL as mine) and the grands.

it will be good!!!