The kids' wishlists

Ok, ok, ok. I posted my wishlist on the spur of the moment and now I'm getting badgered to post the kids' as well.

Let me preface this by letting everyone know what we are getting the kids. We're keeping our budget lean and mean this year in order to a.) pay off our debt as quickly as possible and b.) to save up money for our move to Hawaii. Plus, we know that Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts and family friends will be spoiling the kids rotten and they don't need help from us.

We are getting each kid 3 gifts - just like Jesus was given on Christmas. I learned of this idea 2 years ago and have decided to implement it in our family. Our kids have MORE than enough and I truly believe that our society has lost sight of what Christmas is truly about. We've traded our spirituality for materialism.

Once the kids get older, I plan to have them help me go through their toys and choose 3 gifts to give to a shelter or other worthwhile cause in the weeks before Christmas as well as helping me choose a name or names from the Angel Tree in the PX and helping me shop for those people. I want my children to realize that Christmas is a season of giving - not just getting - and that it is our duty and priviledge to help others if we can.

Climbing down off my soapbox, here's what we are getting the kids :

Princess Trouble :
Dress up box with 4 princess dresses (from Lillian Vernon)
books (from Scholastic)
Chutes and Ladders/CandyLand

Little Man :
taggie blanket (from Lillian Vernon)
teether (Discovery Toys)
#3 ??? clothing maybe...I don't know yet...

Santa is getting Princess Trouble a new bike and Little Man the Gobble and Go Hippo (to go with his Peek-a-Blocks).

They will also get to open their gift of new jammies on Christmas Eve and there are always the wonderful stocking stuffers - new ornaments, small toys, play jewelry for Princess Trouble, small teethers, new pacifiers, etc. for Little Man, yummy munchies, etc.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's the wish lists...

Princess Trouble :

- Loving Family Dollhouse

- any of the accompanying sets to the Loving Family Dollhouse

- Disney Princess 35mm camera (she saw it at Best Buy)

- Disney Pretty as a Princess playsets (heck - anything having anything to do with princesses, especially Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aerial, etc. will thrill her!)

- Dora the Explorer books

- Little People toys (we already have the garage and the ark)

- summer clothing in size 4T or higher

- mini trampoline

- sleeping bag (indoor variety - they make a princess one that is adorable)

- Hungry Hungry Hippos

Little Man :

- Peek-a-Blocks 2 in 1 activity wagon

- Peek-a-Block Incrediblock

- Peek-a-Block Rollin Rumblin Dumptruck

- anything to chew on

- summer clothes size 18 months+

- bath toys

- Tonka trucks - the kind for little kids

- anything helicopters, especially Chinooks (my hope is that he will have his own room and I can decorate it in helicopters)

That's about it. Honestly, we could get Little Man a few boxes, some cellophane, and a balloon and he would be content - they are SO easy at this age!

I hope that helps everyone who has been pestering me :) The kids really do not need a thing. They are happy, healthy, and wonderful and that is enough - more than enough really.


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