I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

And it looks like I might just get it! We're under a winter storm warning and may get 1 to 3 inches of snow!!! Woohoo!!! Not to mention it's going to be COLD for Christmas! Yay!!! What a wonderful Christmas present!

Obviously we are all feeling better. Strep throat SUCKS. But luckily the kids didn't get it and Zithromax is a wonderful thing.

I'm not planning on posting much between now and 2005 so I'll just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now. I have yet to mail out Christmas cards so be patient. Hell, I haven't even had the kids' picture taken. I'm slacking this year!




If anyone has found my immune system or that of my family, could you please return it to me? In the past 2 months, both kids have had colds, I caught it and it wiped out my voice for a week and made me feel like crap. Then The Husband caught it and it turned into a respiratory infection that knocked him out for 5 days and he's still not 100%. The day that he was nailed with that, Little Man came down with a stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down. Then, Friday night, right before Princess Trouble's dance recital, she and I both came down with Little Man's stomach bug.

So we're 4 for 4 - batting .1000

I haven't been that sick since 1994 when I got a nasty case of food poisoning. Blech. We're better now and we were able to make it to Princess Trouble's recital (more on that later!) but we're still not feeling all that great. I'm off to take a nap and you all know how often THAT happens.

see ya!



I am DONE!!! I just finished the last assignment for my classes this term! WOOHOO!!! Nothing like procrastination!!! For 2 classes - 8 credits total - here is all that I had to do :

10 position papers on a variety of issues - 1 to 2 pages in length
Interview with an individual in the health or drug/alcohol area - 3 to 5 pages
Personal wellness plan - 3 to 5 pages
Final Exam - 3 essay questions...1 page each
Workbook assignments - approximately 20 assignments in the class workbook that accompanied the 2 videos I had to watch
Prevention Project - 5 to 7 pages either detailing a program I had designed or reviewing one that was already in existence.


I have received nothing but A's on all of the assignments I have turned in so far. I'd love to get straight A's :) That would be too cool!

Next term, I'm looking at a Nutrition class and possibly a business class or a history class relating to World War 2 - I've realized I do not know enough about that subject - a result of an incomplete education. I am also itching to take a math class. We'll see.

Hopefully now I can start blogging a bit more.

We have our EFMP screening tomorrow (EFMP = Exceptional Family Member Program i.e. special needs). Basically they have to clear us and verify that no one in the family has a need that cannot be addressed at our next duty station. The Husband signed the paperwork agreeing to a 36 month assignment. So we'll be in Hawaii for 3 years. Then again, we were supposed to be HERE for 3 years...

more later!



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