I am DONE!!! I just finished the last assignment for my classes this term! WOOHOO!!! Nothing like procrastination!!! For 2 classes - 8 credits total - here is all that I had to do :

10 position papers on a variety of issues - 1 to 2 pages in length
Interview with an individual in the health or drug/alcohol area - 3 to 5 pages
Personal wellness plan - 3 to 5 pages
Final Exam - 3 essay questions...1 page each
Workbook assignments - approximately 20 assignments in the class workbook that accompanied the 2 videos I had to watch
Prevention Project - 5 to 7 pages either detailing a program I had designed or reviewing one that was already in existence.


I have received nothing but A's on all of the assignments I have turned in so far. I'd love to get straight A's :) That would be too cool!

Next term, I'm looking at a Nutrition class and possibly a business class or a history class relating to World War 2 - I've realized I do not know enough about that subject - a result of an incomplete education. I am also itching to take a math class. We'll see.

Hopefully now I can start blogging a bit more.

We have our EFMP screening tomorrow (EFMP = Exceptional Family Member Program i.e. special needs). Basically they have to clear us and verify that no one in the family has a need that cannot be addressed at our next duty station. The Husband signed the paperwork agreeing to a 36 month assignment. So we'll be in Hawaii for 3 years. Then again, we were supposed to be HERE for 3 years...

more later!


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