Adventures in moving - part 3

So we had our "Overseas Briefing" today. Nothing new except the little tidbit of information that we managed to miss in the "SHIPPING YOUR POV" packet that The Husband brought home last week. We have to have a certified letter from the bank stating that we are allowed to ship our vehicle to Hawaii. Nevermind that Hawaii is PART OF THE FREAKING UNITED STATES. Nope - it's considered an "OCONUS" or overseas assignment (hence, the "Overseas Briefing") so we have to get the bank's permission to ship the car. By Friday morning. It's Wednesday afternoon. Hmm...and no, a fax won't do. Has to be original signature on original letterhead. Crap. I'm thinking that we're not shipping a vehicle Friday.

We'll see. The Husband is calling the bank today to see if they can overnight us the letter (gonna have to get it out in the mail TODAY so it makes it here by tomorrow) and fax us a copy just in case.

The other hitch in this plan is the requirement that the person dropping the car off must have a valid driver's license. Bit of a problem there too. My license expired back in June. I was under the impression that, because I am a military dependent, the expiration date didn't matter - that my military ID absolved me of that. Nope. Tried to renew the damn thing in Alaska while we were there in September but they wouldn't do so because we don't have an Alaska address, even though we are Alaska residents. SO I've been driving around on an expired license for 4 months. However, the "I'm a military dependent" line seems to work on the state troopers here. I was pulled over on my way back from visiting friends a few weeks ago and when he asked me about the expiration date, I used that line and not only did it work, it helped get me out of the ticket completely! Works for me! But I'm not sure if it will work with the people at the POV shipping depot. Guess we'll be finding out in a few days!

I could always sell the car. We only owe about $3000 on it and I could easily get above $4000 for it. But I like my car and I'd rather not sell it.

Such fun, such fun, such fun!

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