Adventures in Moving - Part 4...The CAR

Friday was THE dy to ship the car. The average ship time for a vehicle from our shipping location is a little over 30 days. So January 21 was the ship it now or rent a car when you get there and fork over piles of cash deadline.

So we spend the week getting the car ready to ship. There is a LIST - a long and detailed list - of things you have to bring with you, things that can and cannot be in the car when it is being shipped, etc. that you must follow when shipping a vehicle "overseas".

The day before I am to make the 5 hour drive to the port, I'm driving to Target with the kids and Little Man begins to fuss in the backseat. I turn to look at him for a split second and when I look back, the S-10 in front of me has come to a stop. I, on the other hand, did not. CRAP. Luckily, I was only going 15 miles per hour or less. The guy's truck really didn't have any damage. And (I'm assuming because he didn't have insurance, he was not interested in reporting the accident to either the police or the insurance company. THANK GOD.

MY car, however, has another dent and 2 broken lights on the front end to add to the list of THINGS THAT NEED TO BE FIXED OR REPLACED. The list is long (the car is 13 years old and has over 150,000 miles on it) and expensive. So we'll be adding a
front left fender
turn signal and fog lamp
and front bumper
to the list. Joy. Ah, well, it's been a while since I have had an accident so I suppose I was due. I just wish it hadn't happened THE DAY BEFORE I was to ship the car.

The drive down was uneventful. You're not supposed to have more than 1/4 tank of gas in the car when you drop it off so I had to drive around a little bit to burn off the last bit. When I got there, there was this poor, CLUELESS single LT (lieutentant) there who OBVIOUSLY had not paid attention at his "overseas brief". He didn't have a letter from his lender saying it was ok to ship his financed vehicle overseas. He didn't have the requisite FIVE copies of his orders that he needed. And his car had all SORTS of stuff in/on it that was not supposed to be there - a luggage rack in the back, a speaker box in the back, crap in the front seat, crap in the back seat, crap in the glove box. They wound up spending 2 HOURS unloading/disassembling this poor guy's car. When it was all said and done, on top of the 5 bags of luggage he had (he was flying out to Germany the next monrning), he had 4 more boxes PLUS the luggage rack. He had to scramble to find a storage unit to store it all. Poor guy.

During the inspection, we found out that Hawaii law will not allow us to pass a safety inspection or register our car in Hawaii with the windshield as it is. In Alaska, they look at you funny if you DON"T have a cracked windshield. In Hawaii, it is illegal. The guy at the VPC (Vehicle Processing Center - the Army LOVES acronyms...) told me it would run me about $1000 to get it replaced. Not going to be quite that much but it's going to be a chunk of change. Bummer. Time to call our insurance company and see what they cover.

So we are now a 1 car family for the next 2 weeks or so. The movers come in 8 days. Our preinspection is the day after tomorrow. ACK!!!

I just keep telling myself it will all work out. We'll see.

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