Adventures in moving - part 5

Let me see...we're down to T -3 days before the movers come to start packing our stuff up. They've allotted 3 days (2 to pack and 1 to load) for us but I'm really hoping it only takes them 2 days. We have a lot of stuff but I think it can be done in 2 days.

We had our preinspection last week. We live in "privatized housing" which means it's military housing run by civilians. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. We haven't had any bad experiences so far. During the preinspection, they tell you what all you will have to do to clear on your last day - what things need to be cleaned, replaced, fixed, etc. You have the option (here, at least) to hire a cleaning crew to do the dirty work for you. Part of the fee you pay them is to have them wax and buff the floors. This was not done for us when we moved in. The floors had not been waxed nor buffed and had barely been swept. Ok - fine. I made sure to write that down on our move-in sheet so that we would not be responsible for it upon move-out. Come to find out, the housing office is not willing (they say they aren't "able"...I say they aren't "willing") to refund us the $150 it costs to have the floors done. SO we are left paying $150 to do something that wasn't done for us. Grr...

Luckily the people moving IN to our house like the paint and wallpaper in the living and dining rooms so the only thing that needs to be painted is the kids' room. Works for me!

We were going to try to have a yard sale this weekend but Mother Nature is being a...well, you know...and we got rained out. So we'll do it next weekend. I'm a little worried that we will go over on our weight but we should be ok. I have purged a LOT of our stuff and will get rid of even more in this next yard sale. We haven't acquired any large pieces of furniture since our last move (just a few bookcases) so we should be ok.

And I'm taking the cats to be placed next week. I'm very sad about this. Intellectually I know it is the right thing to do but I'm so sad. I hope they wind up in a wonderful home with a little old lady who has NOTHING to do but pet the kitties.

Princess Trouble is excited about the prospect of going on an airplane, getting to go to Disneyland, and seeing Grama and Grampa. She's been spoiled rotten with family for the past few months which has just been WONDERFUL. That's the one BIG thing I am bummed about when it comes to moving to Hawaii. I've moved past everything else but the fact that we are SO centrally located to family and friends right now and we are now moving thousands of miles away from them all. But it will be ok and I know it.

My "TO DO" list is long - 3 pages and growing. So I suppose I should get up off my duff and get cracking. More to come!

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