Adventures in moving - part 6...The TO DO list

Damn thing keeps getting longer and longer! Just to give you an idea of what all I'm trying to get done (and a glimpse into my OCD), here is my list. The items with a (*) have been checked off.

* sort throug kids' clothes
* put kids' old clothes away
* laundry
* clean master bath
* put Christmas dishes away
* put Christmas linens away
* put Christmas lights away
* get box for Easter decor and put away
* sort through baby blankets
* get box for baby blankets
* clean out junk drawer
* sweep front porchclean fridge
sort through craft stuff
* file paperwork
* clean kids' bath
* bleach bath toys
* mop
* clean exersaucer and give to friend who is pregnant
* prep and post final eBay auctions
* videotape household goods (good for substantiation in case an item is completely lost)
transfer 2004 kid footage to either CD ROM or VHS (can't do this right now because The Husband left The Videocamera in his parents' car during our trip to Georgia...)
pack suitcases
pack boxes to mail
laundry (again)
select classes for Spring 2005 term
pack suitcases
move toys to kids' room
move yard sale stuff to garage
*replace knobs in kids' bathroom
take down all curtains and rods
take down all pictures/artwork
tidy up office (mine. The Husband is on his own!)
take down chair rail in kids' room
repaint kids' room
print and mail baptism invitations?
* buy more Rubbermaid boxes (I swear, I should own Rubbermaid STOCK)
* buy small suitcase for Princess Trouble (she's in charge of the toys on this trip)
refill and pickup meds
spackle all holes
take all trash out
yard sale
separate "unaccompanied baggage" from rest of household goods
place cats :(
take out all lightbulbs, batteries, etc. that the movers won't ship
dispose of all of my candles (again, movers won't ship)
eat all of the food in the fridge (makes for some INTERESTING meals...)
write down serial numbers of all belongings
stock up on Tums

that's not everything but that's everything that is fit to print! Again, time to get cracking!


Haole Girl said...

You need to e-mail the Food Whore and get her Lemon Drop recipe.

If you have a lot of candles and don't want to throw them out, pack them in Tupperware (or Rubbermaid, Lol!). They've always shipped mine that way. As long as they won't damage anything else if they melt, it isn't a problem.

Good luck!!

Homefront Six said...

Good to know! Thanks! I have a few that I really don't want to get rid of - the bigger Yankee Candles primarily. And since I am the QUEEN of all things Rubbermaid I know I have a box for them!


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