I must have missed the memo

I had to venture out to Target today. With the move coming up - in an attempt to minimize the movers' contact with our stuff - I'm trying to get everything organized. In my world, "organized" means RUBBERMAID. Specifically, Rubbermaid Roughneck totes. All of the kids' clothes, party supplies, paper plates and cups, our Christmas decorations, my teaching and coaching materials, The Husband's computer "stuff", and many other things are contained in Rubbermaid Roughneck totes.

I needed several more to help organize our Easter stuff, the few baby blankets we plan to hang on to (can't say we're going to need many of them in Hawaii...), our Christmas lights, Princess Trouble's princess gear, and a few other categories of "stuff".

So I ventured out to Target. I waited until it was later in the day to avoid the traffic that clogs the main road leading to the "shopping area" of the town. They are getting ready to start widening the road and if it goes anything like the widening project on the road to the highway, God help this town. I pray they hold off on starting the project until we have left. Odds are that they won't be done with the project even after we've done a full 3 years in Hawaii...

I must have missed the memo. Obviously, some sort of invitation was issued to all parents of over-tired, misbehaving, whiny, screaming children to bring them down to Target today. I should have turned around and gone home when I pulled into the parking lot and happened to park next to a minivan with (count them...I did...) 5 children under the age of 10 or so - ALL CRYING. No one was bleeding. No one was missing a limb. No one was sick. They were just ALL CRYING.

But I chose to ignore that warning sign and press on with my quest. As I walked in, I noticed that there were all of 5 carts left. NOT A GOOD SIGN. Did I heed it? Hell no. I drove all that way...I wasn't going to tuck tail and run home just because the store was crowded...with screaming, whining children. Brilliant move on my part. I went to reach for a cart and it was literally snatched out of my hand by a rude middle aged woman. She actually shot ME a dirty look. So I chose another cart and of course grabbed the one that didn't track straight. So here I am, wandering the aisles of Target, trying to avoid Rude Middle-Aged Woman, with a look of pain on my face from all of the screaming children throughout the store, and trying to wrestle my cart into submission. I bet it was quite the scene.

I get to the "Home Storage" section and it looks quite similar to the images of the tsunami devastation on TV. Debris is littered everywhere. Nothing looks as it should. I dodged 2 other Rude Middle-Aged people (1 man, 1 woman) and managed to scrounge up 2 of the 5 Rubbermaid Roughneck totes I needed. I compromised on the other 3 and bought different styles and made my way to the checkout. But to get there, I had to pass the toy section. Not a good idea. I would have been better off doubling back through housewares. THIS was where the bulk of the "screaming, crying, whiny, misbehaving" children were centered. I felt a migraine coming on. Not to mention the fact that I am sure I looked drunk trying to push my unwielding cart down the aisle while dodging the children lying in the middle of the aisle throwing fits because mom and dad wouldn't buy them ANOTHER toy. Didn't we JUST have Christmas??? MY kids won't get a new toy again until at least March or April - whenever Easter is. They haven't even played with the toys they recived over Christmas!

I managed to make it to the checkout with both the cart and my sanity in tact and the rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. Except for the part where the clerk at Big Lots asked me what I plan to use the 20 small photo albums for...stupidity kills me.

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