My kitties

The time has come to find a home for my kitties. We can't take them with us to Hawaii. The state does not allow landlords to charge pet deposits and therefore most do not allow pets. The likelihood of us getting on-post housing right off the bat is slim. So it is likely that the kitties would spend a lot of time in a kennel. Expensive and stressful for everyone involved. Not to mention the quarantine.

I've asked family and friends if they could take them but no one can. So I'm sending The Husband to work with a flyer this week and if no one there can take them, I will have to Freecycle them. I hate to do this - I hate giving them to someone I don't know. But to take them with us would be too much for them and us.

So I'm asking one more time - if anyone knows anyone who would be interested in taking them, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

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