My son

My son is a wonderful boy - full of life, full of energy, always smiling, always moving. He is curious, persistent, and energetic. That being said, he is also EXHAUSTING. With the move coming up, I have a TO DO list a mile long. Can I get to it? No. I'm too busy picking up after Little Man. And he's right behind me, unloading everything I just put away.

Princess Trouble is pretty good about picking up - especially if you help her (social thing that she is!). But Little Man? His expertise lie in demolition.

It is noon here and I've been up since about 7. In those 5 hours, I have cleaned up the same toys at least 5 times. Those toys include the magnets on the fridge, the blocks in the bedroom, the books on the shelf, the toys in the baskets on the bookshelf, the Duplo blocks, the cars, and the Peek-a-Blocks. Have I been able to get to anything on my TO DO list? Hell no.

Princess Trouble was never like this and I love the fact that they are different but MAN, he's exhausting.

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Haole Girl said...

Ugh!! I can totally relate. I hate it when the Hubster comes home, notices everything EXACTLY as it was when he left that morning, and asks, "So, what did you do all day?"

Any day I can maintain the status quo is a good day. Accomplishing something is a major miracle.

I'll send sleepy toddler vibes your way.


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