Another ride on the roller coaster that is military life. The Husband's former unit in Alaska - Bravo Company, 4/123rd Aviation Regiment - is on their way to Iraq as I type. We still have a LOT of good friends in that unit. They were like family to us while we were there and we worry about them as though they were family.

The drawback of the Chinook community, or aviation in general, is that it is a small world. If a Chinook goes down, the joke is that there are 2 degrees of separation. We either know the people on the aircraft or we know someone who knows them. Obviously, I have no concept of what their families are going through right now but there will be a knot in my stomach for the next year or so until these friends of ours are back home, safe and sound.

Regardless of your stance on our presence in Iraq, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure their families appreciate it.

Should you wish to send care packages or anything else, feel free to drop me a note and I'll set it up.


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