Adventures in moving - part 9

We are pretty much packed and about 2/3 of the way loaded. They are coming back tomorrow for the rest of the boxes and the big stuff - couch, entertainment center, BEDS (yes, I get another night in my own bed!!! I am so thankful!), etc. This has been a pretty good move so far. The first (government) move we made from Alaska to Alabama was stressful because we didn't know what to expect and we were worried that we were going to go over on weight. The second move from Alabama to here was stressful because our moving company SUCKED, there were tornadoes on 2 days of the move, and we just wanted to get the heck out of Rucker. This time though, I knew what to expect and our packers know what they are doing so my stress level has dropped a few notches. Now if I could just get rid of this darned cold...

Speaking of cold, *I'M* cold. I am about done with winter. I was excited when it finally turned cold after having been in the south for almost 2 years and not really experiencing a winter. But right now it's wet and cold and my knees are KILLING me. I'm about ready for some sun and warmth. I'm sure I'll be missing the cooler temps come fall but right now, I have visions of sitting on the beach, watching my kids frolick in the waves.

We have been blessed on this move. We already have wonderful friends waiting for us in Hawaii. We had enough notice with this move to be able to spend ample (though not enough) time with family and friends in the area, our movers are top notch, the people at transportation, travel finance, and housing have been helpful and accomodating (especially the people at travel - they went WAY beyond the call of duty to get us the flight itinerary we wanted...they got homemade chocolate chip cookies :). The timing of our visit to CA is working out well. It's all going really well which is a HUGE blessing.

The Husband sold his car too. It was just a beater but it's sold and he sold it for what he paid for it and the guy who bought it is willing to wait until Sunday to pick it up. And the people who were interested in the cats *should* be picking them up tonight (please keep your fingers crossed on that one).

I will be glad when the unaccompanied baggage is picked up Friday, when the yard sale is over Saturday, and when we clear housing and get on the road to the airport Monday.

What an adventure.

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