We made it. We're HERE!! Still a little hard to believe but the warm sun, the crisp blue sky (unimpeded by smog), the puffy white clouds, the GREEN hillsides, and the beautiful blue OCEAN pretty much make it real. And the smell - oh my goodness - it's luscious. Clean, sweet, indescribable. Holy COW - we live in HAWAII!!!

The flight over was thankfully uneventful - much to the surprise to the cranky woman in the seat in front of me and Little Man. As we sit down, Little Man makes a noise. Cranky Woman makes the comment (loud enough for me and those around us to hear), "There should be a SEPARATE area for that." THAT sets a lovely tone for the flight...but Little Man was good. He fussed rarely. Slept for a few hours. Works for me.

We were able to pick up my car the day we arrived so we were able to take the rental car back yesterday. Saved us $300+. We stopped in at the Hickam AFB carnival after dropping the car off and then went over to this WONDERFUL open air shopping center - the Ala Moana - to have lunch at Bubba Gump's. I was able to meet several women (and their husbands. McGyver sat with Bill, Bob, and Brad...BBB) from a Hawaii Spouse board I frequent. It was nice to put faces with names. Great women. That's one of the things I love best about being a military spouse - the networking that takes place and the fact that I *knew* people here before ever setting foot on the island.

Today we are planning to head up to the North Shore and take a peek up there. Pick up some shave ice (snow cone for those of you who don know the lingo). See the waves. Stick our toes in the water.

Then we're off to scope out some areas to look for housing. The wait for on-post housing for us is currently 24 months. Yeah - I don't think so. Besides, for the amount of money we're allotted, we can get much more off post than on. We're hoping to get a 4 bedroom with a garage. We'll see. We need to have a guest room - we already have people planning visits!

McGyver (The Husband) starts his "in-processing" this week. Fun. Even more fun when you only have 1 car. Guess the kids and I will be hanging out at the hotel room. We need to get the windshield replaced on the car and then get a safety inspection done. I feel nekkid driving around without a little sticker on the rear bumper of my car. Hopefully they won't make me replace the headlights too. The windshield is going to set us back several hundred bucks as it is. Funny thing is, it's almost a de facto requirement to drive a car in Alaska (having a cracked windshield). But here, you'll fail your safety inspection if you have a crack. Ah, well.

Listening to the radio yesterday, a radio station broadcast a new contest - win a trip for 2 to Alaska! Think we'll enter that one. :)

We're torn as to how quickly we want to get out of temp lodging. The rooms here are not what we expected - nothing like the ones at Fort Campbell. Here, there is no high speed internet access, you have to pay for your coffee, there's no oven/stove (just a microwave and fridge), and we're right on the main road so it's noisy. But is it better than living in a house with no furniture? We don't even have an air mattress. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For now, we are off to swim in the ocean. Aloha!

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