A Better Day

A little better. I don't know what it is about mornings - they are just chaotic. Princess Trouble tends to be whiny and clingy and demanding when she wakes up (it's worse after her nap but I'm not a morning person). And between trying to get her fed, deal with Little Man, get us ready for whatever we have going on, etc. I usually just want to crawl back in bed and call it a day.

But things got better as the morning went on. McGyver figured out what the problem with my car was and I found a place with rebuilt starters for a lot less than I had expected. I had the car this morning so I loaded the kids into it and off we went to Honolulu. We missed most of the traffic (though, by Los Angeles standards, the traffic here isn't that bad) and found the repair place and picked up the part. I actually ACCOMPLISHED something today. Better than yesterday.

We've decided to try and eat breakfast and lunch in our room most days - both are pretty easy meals to do with minimal prep work (and minimal cooking amenities). The Army is giving us about $140 PER DAY for food and whatever we don't spend, we keep. WORKS FOR ME!!! That's about $4000 per month for those of you without a calculator in hand. HOLY COW! So it behooves us to (quoting Dave Ramsey) eat rice and beans/beans and rice and spend as little as possible on food. $4000 per month...holy cow. Anyway, the kids and I ventured to the commissary after getting back from Honolulu. I like the commissary here. It's clean, big, well-stocked, well-organized, and it has WIDE aisles. All the things that the commissary at our last location WASN'T.

Hopefully by the time I get done typing this, McGyver will have the starter in and my car running. My friend down in KBay got my box that I shipped in the mail today. I am hoping I thought to put my swimsuit in there. I'm sick and tired of looking for a new one. And I HATE the idea of spending money on something I already own. Not to mention the fact that I have not had any luck finding one appropriate for my body...

Dinner tonight at Outback. We're thinking of buying a crock pot and toaster oven. We're not supposed to cook in our rooms (other than with the microwave) but I'm about done with eating out and could really go for something that resembles a home-cooked meal. I can do a lot with a crock pot and a toaster oven...

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