Lazy Saturdays

Well, the search for a swim suit is over. First, I ask you what kind of ding dong genius packs for Hawaii and DOESN"T pack a swim suit?? Me. Sometimes I wonder where I left my brain. I remembered to pack suits for the kids. McGyver remembered to pack his suit. Did I? No. I remember going through my swim gear bag and trying to figure out which suit to take. But I didn't put on in my suitcase. Nor did I put it in the box I shipped to a friend. Ah, well.

I'm finding more and more things to like about this place (not that I was having trouble liking this place but it just keeps getting better and better). I love Gap Body. Love it. But finding a store anywhere near me was tough. There's one here! Yay! I went in looking for a few items and found that they carry swimsuits too! one-piece swimsuits! In normal colors (well, black. But that's a normal color). And for only $34! WOOHOO! So, not only did I get 3 bras for the price of 2 (love those sales), I found a swimsuit. Of course, it's raining and cool today. But I have a swimsuit!!!

A friend of mine is in need of prayers. She's 21 weeks pregnant with her first baby - a girl - and her water broke yesterday. She's in the hospital and the "leak" has stopped but it's still worriesome and scary. The hope is that she can make it to 24 weeks - each month, each week adds a percentage of survival. I cannot imagine how tough this must be. The thought of losing my baby before even knowing her would decimate me. I'm hoping to go see her this coming week.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Today is Little Man's birthday. I went to Wal-Mart (can't say I'm impressed with the WMs here...then again, I'm just not impressed with WM in general...man I miss Target!) and bought him a new Little People toy. I would love to find a 5 bedroom house and devote 1 bedroom entirely to Little People toys. They are great.

We're off to run errands today and look at rental properties (not that we plan to move out of temp lodging anytime soon).

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