Living in paradise

I knew things couldn't go 100% smoothly. Just not our style.

We had plans Sunday to head up to the North Shore and hit the beach. First we needed to swing by the PX and pick up hats, sunscreen, etc. So we did so and when we came out and got in the car, it decided not to start. Great. But what would one expect from a 12 year old car with almost 160,000 miles on it? It's been a WONDERFUL car. McGyver set to work on it with the few tools he had on hand - a Leatherman and a screwdriver. After about an hour, he broke down and had me call our roadside assistance. While we're waiting for the tow truck to come to us, I decide to call the insurance company and get the ball rolling on changing our insurance information and while I'm on the phone with them, the car starts. Halleujah! So we cancel the tow and head back to the hotel. My husband is SO handy!

Once we get back, it dies again (or, rather, fails to start) so McGyver sets to work on it with the tools he now has on hand - Leatherman, screwdriver, crescent wrench, and multimeter. The kids and I take naps. Two hours, 3 trips on foot to the PX to buy tools, and $100 later and we *think* it's the solenoid for the starter. But the auto shop is now closed (as is the rental car place) so we're stuck. Great.

The auto shop doesn't open again until Wednesday. McGyver doesn't have the tools (not the manual to the car) that he needs to tear into it properly and get the starter off so my poor car will sit until Wednesday. Luckily, there is a rental car place (thank GOD for Enterprise!) on post and we at least have transportation.

So we finally made it to the North Shore today. We ventured out to Haleiwa Beach. Wonderful beach - it's in a cove so the 15-30 foot waves that are notorious on the North Shore didn't get to us. Princess Trouble LOVED frolicking in the water and even became brave enough to let McGyver take her out to where she couldn't stand. Little Man did what he always does - he tried to eat the sand, the rocks, the sticks...you name it. I was so busy trying to make sure the kids were slathered in sunscreen that I forgot to get my FEET. Ouch. Won't make THAT mistake again.

After the beach, we stopped in Haleiwa for lunch - Haleiwa Joe's seafood grille. Yum. I had the grilled scallops on a bed of cilantro-ginger slaw and garlic bread. Delicious. Then we wandered a bit, looking for a swim suit for me (because I managed to pack everything BUT one of my suits...duh). I have come to the conclusion that there are absolutely NO 1-piece swimsuits on this island for people who do not wear anything smaller than a size 14. Seriously. I must have looked in 7 or 8 different shops and NOT ONE 1-piece suit. Not even at Wal-Mart! Do swimsuit manufacturers not realize exactly how pale I truly am? Do they not realize that my belly has not seen the sun EVER?? I would have to pass out sunglasses to every person on the beach if I were to wear one of the 2-piece suits they have for sale. I'm not looking for anything spectacular. Just something in my size that isn't butt-ugly and doesn't cost $75. Maybe I'm asking too much.

But North Shore was wonderful and I can see heading back there often although we will make more of an effort to get there earlier and leave earlier - traffic on the way back was S-L-O-W.

This place is beautiful. Lush, rich, breathtaking. You name it. I love it.

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