One of THOSE days

McGyver started "in-processing" today. So he took the car. Which means the kids and I were stuck in the hotel until he got back. They are already starting to climb the walls. There is a deli in the main building and they do breakfast so we head down there for breakfast. There is a bowl of fresh fruit on the menu - sounds delicious. But they don't have it. Great. 0 for 1.

After breakfast, we wandered down to ACS (Army Community Services) to pick up some information on some things - dance classes for Princess Trouble (starts in March - $33 a month for tap, ballet, and tumbling), youth services registration (so I can use the hourly care facilities for day care), swimming lesson information (pool doesn't open up again until March), and information on their lending closet. The lending closet is operated by ACS and loans out pots, pans, dishes, etc. to people moving here who don't have their stuff yet. Army Housing lends the furniture. Used to be that they lent it to you regardless of whether you lived on post or off. Well, they stopped lending furniture to people residing off post. Great. The waiting list for us for on post housing is 24 months. Our household goods won't get here until the end of March. So we're stuck. We could rent a house but have nothing to sleep on, sit on, or eat on. Joy. 0 for 2.

We needed a post office box too. I went to the post office on post and they don't have post office boxes. Great. So I find the post office in town and there's a WAITING LIST. Great. I'm now 0 for 3 today.

I'm still in search of a reasonably priced 1-piece swimsuit for myself. There is a Ross in town so I decide to head over there to check it out. Nothing. Unless I want to blind everyone with my white belly. I don't think so. I'm now 0 for 4.

Come back and go with the family to lunch. They have BLT's - one of my favorites and it sounded perfect. But they were out of bacon. I'm now 0 for 5 on the day. Don't think I could hit water if I fell out of a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean today.

Is it bedtime yet? I'm done with this day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Hopefully housing will have some good news for us - a 4 bedroom house with a garage for less than our housing allowance in a wonderful area of town. Or maybe McGyver will get my car running again and it won't cost us $250 to replace the starter. Maybe...

Have I mentioned how much I HATE moving? How much I hate being unsettled? How much I hate having to learn a new place all over again? Don't get me wrong - this place is wonderful and I'll probably be very sad to leave when the time comes. But right now I'm feeling homesick, unsettled, and lonely. Blech.

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