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So the search for housing has begun. Although we have a month (!) before our HHG (household goods) arrive, now is the time for us to start looking for a place to live. The wait for on-post housing is 24+ months so there is little chance of us ever getting a place. Besides, a friend of mine who NEVER cusses (never even heard her use the word "damn") actually used the S-word when describing the housing we would be offered - TWICE. So I'm thinking we'll be living off post.

We started looking in the little town just below post. With what our housing allowance is, we could probably find a decent place. But garages are hard to come by, the homes are older and crammed together (everything here is crammed together), and I'm just not impressed with what I've seen for rent so far. So we've started looking further south. Seems that we could get more for our money if we're willing to live a bit further south. There are some newer subdivisions (and even some condominium areas) that look promising.

Our primary requirements for a house include at least 3BR (preferably 4) and a garage. Central air is a bonus. I'd also like something of a yard - doesn't have to be big...there are PLENTY of parks and such in the area and the beach is always just a short drive away - so the kids can play outside while we're at home. Right now, there are 8 places on my "TO SEE" list. With it being the end of the month, I suspect that we will see even more promising listings next week as tenants begin to give their 30 day notices. I'd like to find something that won't be available until after April 1st so that we can wait for our HHG to get to the island. The idea of spending even one night on an air mattress makes my back hurt just THINKING about it.

In other news, we ventured down to the NEX at Pearl Harbor yesterday. Oh. My. Goodness. WHO needs Target??? Seriously. And those of you who know me KNOW what kind of a comment that is. The NEX is awesome! I doubt I will ever set foot inside the PX here on post unless I absolutely cannot afford the drive time down to Pearl. Two stories. TWO! They have every product you can think of - books, clothes, appliances (small and large), camping/fishing/sports/scuba gear, toys, toiletries, stationary, Aloha stuff, cosmetics, YOU NAME IT. There is also a big food court, the commissary (not much more impressive than the one here on post though. BUT that's a HUGE improvement over the Charlie Foxtrot that was the commissary at Campbell...). I am in love!

Combine the NEX with the Ala Moana shopping center, the Pearl Ridge Mall, and the other smaller malls in the area and I'm good to go. Now if there were only a way to get In & Out here...

Little Man's birthday was pretty much a non-event. But he's 1 and could care less. We went out for ice cream and he got a new toy this morning so he's happy. And so is his sister - she's having more fun with his toy than he is. He's more interested in the box it came in.

He has a new nickname...Bear Trap. The boy has a knack of getting his feet tangled up in any and all wires/cables,obstacles on the floor. He even got his foot caught in the mini fridge here in the room (don't ask). So McGyver calls him Bear Trap. It may stick.

Princess Trouble is going to get a new nickname - Princess WHY. I swear, the child asks "why?" at least 50 times per day. It has to be reflex. I understand that a child who asks so many questions tends to be very intelligent but man, sometimes average intelligence seems like a blessing. And she's sassy. We're working on an appropriate way of dealing with it. My first reaction is to pop her on the behind but I don't see that as being very successful. She responds better to a harsh tone of voice from us and some form of consequence - the loss of a priviledge or a toy. And I don't know WHAT it is about the car but she must have a "Jabbernonstop" button in her butt. As soon as she gets into that carseat, her mouth starts going at 100 mph. I'm sure I was the same way. My POOR parents...thank you for not killing me.

McGyver is out looking at a car. He was *this* close to buying a Miata yesterday but someone else got there first. I wasn't too keen on the idea of a 2 seater but I'm bummed that he didn't get it. It seemed like a good deal. Hopefully he finds something soon - before he has to go back to work.

My friend who is pregnant and in the hospital is doing better but it looks like she's going to be stuck there until the baby is born. But you do whatever you need to do to make sure your baby is healthy. Keep those good thoughts coming!

And - for those of you who remember Cameron (the little baby with the hernia whose Daddy was in Iraq)...his daddy is home!!! They are adjusting well to life as a family again and his mom (Karen) is thrilled to have him home safe and sound. They are amazing people.

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