I read a lot of blogs. Not as many as some people (I have 2 small children to raise and a life to maintain) but I read a lot of them. There are a few, in particular, that I read on a regular basis and really enjoy. One that I read on a regular basis simply disappeared a few months back. I had no idea why. It was one that a friend pointed out to me and the subject matter was something near and dear to me. And then he was gone.

Today, I found out why. I found out from a VERY reliable source that what the blogger had been posting on his blog was false. Maybe not all of it but enough of it that it made the people he was blogging about angry and it was removed from the web.

I'm very angry. I'm angry that someone such as this person (or any person for that matter) would feel the need to LIE on a BLOG. Yes, I know that is naieve of me. But deep down I am an optimist and I usually fail to recognize that mankind has that capacity - to lie, especially when there really wasn't much to gain. I'm angry that because of this person's lies, a blog that I truly enjoyed reading is now gone. I'm just angry.

I have access to this person if I wanted to pursue it. Part of me - the irrational, red-headed-Irish-temper-fly-off-the-handle part of me wants to find this person and slap them upside their head. But I know that is not wise and would probably land me in jail. So I'll just be angry.

Dumbass. That's all I have to say on the matter.

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barks said...

that's the problem with "online"; a whole new personality develops and you don't know if it is the real one or not.



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